The Plighted Star

The years unfold in the mist of my Teary eyes. I’ve been longing for the tides to carry Me off into the oceans body; however, They only bring me back to the shore.   I’m the song you used to sing. Tear down this brick wall.   I wish to be overcome by the moonlight. … More The Plighted Star

The Lion’s Den

  I dream a misty blue Around the crevices of my Eyes.   Your candor does not exceed Any relic the past offered me; Nor does it offer comfort in Times of duress.   All the winds blow against My cold flesh.   I recall your lion’s den Surrounding me with stale Air. For there … More The Lion’s Den

A Man Of Hope 

Sending his spirit through the clouds, his eyes remain transfixed on mine. I can see his gentle heart glowing a vibrant gold.  For there is a fire burning within him guiding the lost toward the realm of heaven. For he is a man precluding hope. (c) Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2017

Finality Comes

  Finality comes with being recomposed by the winds. Laughter burns up hearts of the innocent who run With a whimsical stride. I hear the winds breath every now and then Through my living room window, while The cars roar.   Shout at the moon, you flamboyant fire. I am not appeased by your bite … More Finality Comes

Lulls Of Agony

Ruptered soul, burning twilight, I’m trapped in shadows lulling Agony. For to be enthralled by the cries You send me sears my heart raw. (c) Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2017