Maple Leaf Grove

“My job is done,” said the android before closing its eyes and finally shutting down. It was during the fall of the Falcon.  Dread and forgone longing set into my soul when all the beauty faded from my planet.  However, I’d like to take a few steps back before the War of 3015. Days seemed … More Maple Leaf Grove

The Martians Invade American Colonies

After dinner, the children gathered around Grandpa Brim’s rocking chair for story hour.  Grandpa sat in his rocker drinking his tea. Little Swoozy stretched her arms, Jobe sat at attention anxiously awaiting for Grandpa to talk, while Jules, Cinnamon and Chappie kept pinching each other, because they were restless. “Now stop that, children.  I want … More The Martians Invade American Colonies