Lighthouse, you guide the children at sea.   Soulful waters cry out to your during Mother Nature’s rage. For now, velvet blue sky blankets You and your surroundings during calming songs sung by body of water.(c) Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


Merrily, the children play. Maple trees whisper to the Heavens. I can hear their voices echo In my ears. They rustling leaves converge In resilient bliss. Halls congregate with clacking Footsteps. Children run rampant. Mothers scream in horror From their destructive ways, Splashing waters dampening Their moods. I eat my Cheerios reluctantly While my brothers … More Childhood

The End Of Days

My tree is my ambiance where shelter used to be safety.  Now, a fire burns sky, my tree home collapses with me still in it. I scurry about, trying to catch all my nuts gathered for winter.  They fly everywhere.  My tree home splits open from all the quacking.  Wild winds hurl me around, keeping … More The End Of Days