Keith: Chapter One

  Keith collapsed on the ground, clutching his best friend who just died in his arms. He struggled to catch his breath.  Looking at the blank lifeless stare in Jordon’s eyes, Keith lie his friend gently on the ground. A  scream came from behind him as he picked up the gun and shot himself. Three … More Keith: Chapter One

The End Of Days

My tree is my ambiance where shelter used to be safety.  Now, a fire burns sky, my tree home collapses with me still in it. I scurry about, trying to catch all my nuts gathered for winter.  They fly everywhere.  My tree home splits open from all the quacking.  Wild winds hurl me around, keeping … More The End Of Days

Fire In The Night

Throughout the plight of destiny, the mind wanders deep unknown waters where a plethora of truths exists.  For I build up my consciousness with bleeding roses whose thorns have taken command of the vessel which compels me to go into rhapsody. The nature of cognizance runs out of sealant congesting me in the night.  I … More Fire In The Night

As The Page Turned

I creased the page, letting my mind wander into the realm of dreams. I walked down the golden hall, thinking about the pages of text I just finished reading. The lore of the tides danced in smoky mirrors. I gazed into them, watching the smoke spread out. I saw an image of a stranger approaching … More As The Page Turned

Upon His Arrival

He turned the key in the lock and opened the door. To his horror, he saw…his mother laying in a pool of blood.  “Mom,” he shouted while paralyzed with shock.  He collapsed to his knees.  Consumed with fear, he struggled to raise himself up from the floor.  He crawled to a nearby chair, and pulled … More Upon His Arrival

Unholy Sunday

It was Sunday morning.  I was ready for a relaxing day at home but I realized I’m all out of coffee.  I took a quick trip to the grocery store, and while I was in line to check out, someone came up from behind me and pointed at gun at the cashier.  “Stop what you’re … More Unholy Sunday