Kiki Stamatiou                                                                                  Hello, my readers. Welcome. Allow me to introduce myself. My birth name is Kiki Stamatiou. I hail from Kalamazoo, Michigan. I’m a graduate of Western Michigan University with a B. A. in creative writing. Many of my works have been published under my pseudonym Joanna Maharis. They consist of Dominica’s Inferno (a novel), Japlin And Japlin (novella), and Peering Through A Streaked Window (a collective work of poetry) which are in paperback format. I’ve had a few other works published in ebook kindle format. All of the mentioned published works are available for purchase thru Amazon.

Creative Writing has been my passion since I was in the first grade. Throughout the years I have competed in numerous literary competitions, winning honors and awards in the area of poetry.

Although I love reading a wide variety of topics and literature, in particular I favor the classics. My favorite philosopher is Socrates. I admire him, because he gave his life for his beliefs. Among my other favorite philosophers are Basho, and Plato.

Aside from reading, my hobbies consist of cooking for my family, watching a good movie from my DVD collection, and going for a drive. During the drives, I love taking in all the scenes of nature, the hustle and bustle going on in the city of Kalamazoo at 5 p. m. when folks are on the way home from work, and I enjoy using my cellphone to photograph the sky, the sun, the trees, birds, squirrels and other critters. Spring is my favorite time of the year, because the air is so fresh and full of nature’s sweet scents.


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