Allegiance To Lordly Light

During the evening I sit up in my
bed, reading a book.
I drift off into the realm of dreams
Horizons bleed out into my visions.

For the memories they entail will
Wash away remnants of the past.
Ring, ring, ring into my ears with
Your somber voice.

Tickle the keys enabling words
To flow freely across a worldly
For no lies can overturn deeds gravely.


My dreams fill out earthly streams.
Spiritual bodies withhold all allegiance
To lordly light.
It guides me across the Universe.

I gather all my belongings,
And fill up trunks with riches
Hailed by the fatherly salute.

Childish whims measure the ways
Darkness imperils me to beseech.

I revise my song for you, my Lord.
For every tide drifting away from my
senses, I carry out your measure of
what truth may play in the recession
of minds.

Treachery builds up, clouding
man’s judgment.
For he cannot go forth unless
he walks away from Medusa’s
fierce eyes.

His being hardens during tithes crashing
against a depleting soul.
There is no measure to exceed a jaded heart.
Healing derives from the Lord’s tears,
during a sifted spirit transformed into ashes.

For now, there is nothing but dust
Blowing in the wind with answers
Mother Nature left behind.

For I am the wind caressing your
I am the stars burning up the heavens.

Your fire devours me.
You whisper inside my mind
from the spirit realm.
For it is heavenly with angels walking
amongst the living.

For the dead are not wandering.
They transform me into God’s light.

The Living God speaks through his angels,
His widened heart imploding
among volcanic rock.

For no heart can run away with
the wind.
It’s the way His glory sets down
on the earth’s body.

(c) Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2017


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