The Plighted Star

The years unfold in the mist of my

Teary eyes.

I’ve been longing for the tides to carry

Me off into the oceans body; however,

They only bring me back to the shore.


I’m the song you used to sing.

Tear down this brick wall.


I wish to be overcome by the moonlight.

If only there were a way for me to become

All I wish to become.


How come I can’t see the fruit of my planting.

My seeds have been planted lovingly in the

Body of earth.  When will they come to



I can no longer be the whisper in the wind.

For my voice is fading away.


I drift off into the clouds only to get blended

In the storms you create for me.


Your fire drives me into madness.

I want to leave this foul existence.


Bring me back home to the light of heaven.

If only I could climb Jacob’s Ladder, and

Wisk away by slip sliding into me.


For I’m the wallowing boiling.

I’m the eyes you see with.

I’m the heart sustaining you.

I’m the fire burning within you.


However, I cannot light the way

Out of darkness.  Only the Lord

Has the power to do so.


I run into me with the swishing sounds

Of your brushes.


If there were a way to run away from

Captivity, then the freedom obtained

Would be of greatest measure and

Highest honor.  If only I could

Belong in society where the

Wonderers have ceased to roam.


However, I have not ceased to roam.

I’m still looking for a job after fifteen

Years of being without employment.


Oh, why must I run out of things to say.

If only the ideas would flow freely so

My words can flourish in the flames.


Must all leavings bring about masterful

Lulls burning inside me heart.


I cannot take leave of my duties to myself.

For I’m the only remittance belonging to me.

I belong to me.  My heart belongs to me.


If the whisper melts into my mind, then all

Compounded by the light shall end all

Torment raging inside of my core.


If the core of my being were to fill with

Plenty, then all my light shall burn a glow

Up to heaven.

I shall no longer need to climb the burdens

Torturing my back for all the years of my

Early life.


For the chamber I rest brings me into a

Multitude of dreams.

These are the seeds become by the light.


However, it is the holy light going outside

Of the truth.


Shoot down my plighted star, and I crash

And burn into nothingness.


I often wished to fade out of existence; however,

I chose to leave my words behind in the form

Of diaries.  There, my thoughts, views, life shall

Live on forever, so long as my words burn into

The minds of generations yet to come.


For I wish to come forth from my grave

And melt all my essence into you.


If only there be warmth burning into from

The fires the sun beholds me with.


© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2017


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