Song Of My Haunting

I touch isolation; yet, its fires burn me. How can I ask for any Grace to be bestowed upon a listless night when all in racketeer sends me back into your flames.

Lord, deliver me from these monsters haunting me, and help me to create an escapade.  I want to dance in your Glory.  I long for every junction to let me cross their hidden channels.

I seek out truth to be my wings.  For I want to fly, burning up the sky with passion.  Let not angry tides yield me when walls build around me.  I wish my emotions to give way to your flames, so as to absorb your light.  If only my quest beget your sunrise.

Where is truth to be found?  It stings the heart viciously, at times.  However, this flails all integrity in vengeance, a dish served cold.

I sail turbulent waters, but hold tight to my faith.  For it is my faith which shall behold me when your storm rages on.  You see, my Lord, I’m in the midst of it all.

There is a light burning in me, driving me to stay the course with destiny.  For I may be on a turbulent journey, but not all turbulence is oscilated.  

Inticed are they who beget zealously.  I hunger for the return of your fire to burn within me.  I’m flabbergasted by laughter in the wind.  My perils have taken me astray.  I’m inside a cave whose exit is not apparant.  

I’m blinded by fear compelling my rage, because I see not way out of this hellish nightmare.  If only there were a spark to assure my existence be not without purpose.

I’m contained well within shadows creeping up on me.  With nowhere to run and no where to hide, I must face them.  However, I first must face my inner hauntings.  Only then will these shadows fade away into nothingness.  

The monsters are built up in my raging heart, and I must come to an end.  For when I end, I can begin anew.

When to begin depends on the isotopes and the challenges they bring along.  On the other hand, isolation is the yielding force enabling stagnation of inner growth.

Inner growth creates the spark igniting a powerful light; the life force sustaining us.  I can only speak of the One I know.  For He brings forth drive, perseverance, purpose, and the desire to live a life of wholeness.

For this completeness is my inner peace summing up the sum of my existence.  I shall not run from fire.   I fear it; yet, when used with respect, I can yield all I need in this world when guided by the Loving hands of God.

I used to crave the light, because I feared hated the darkness.  My fear became anger, then rage, transforming into fire.  Fire got out of control.  Rain stormed upon my head creating a release. Thorns disappeared from my heart.  Anguish bled out in the form of tears.

Salt from tears burned inside of me.  Fire spread.  Turbulence danced with vengeance.  I learned to block the pain through creating a mental shield.  The shield came from focusing my mind on elements bringing forth happiness.  From happiness came deliverance from the chains binding me to the past. I now have freedom from worry.  Sunlight gleams down upon me.  Reaching out to me from the heavens is the Lord with His loving hands upholding me, sustaining me, guiding me.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2017


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