Where Is My Sunrise?


Amen for the light in the sky

On a cold winter’s night.

The moon captivates my heart,

Making quake while absorbing

It’s tenderness.


There is no fallacy in the arms

Of another’s woes.

For there is only shedding of tears

For the long lost soul to return to

The one he left behind.


I’m encumbered by the far reaching

Breaths solitude brings.

I reach out to the Lord on my hands

And knees, in askance for another

Conundrum to ease perils he left for

Me to mold and feed.


Where is the dance to bring me home

To the light.

Is there no other in the forgotten streams?


I cannot fathom another aching heart to

Superimpose me during tides duress breeds.


Where is the tender reed torn away from

The red rose?

Can it be found in the manner you speak?

Or shall I burn up in raging fires offsetting

My tides of emotion?


I dream in color.  For it is a blanket of color

Keeping me warm while I drift off to sleep.


Anguish brings with it its own frailties.

I tread on broken dreams.


I look upon the blue ocean so as to make

Do with whatever the powers that be take hold



For is there no more laughter when the heart

Bleeds out its anguish in on the cold pavement?


Where is my sunrise?  I want to be the one to walk

In the sun.  I don’t want to be a caged up

Animal whose soul and spirit struggle to



I can’t erase the scars haunting me in my


I can only walk through fire and deliver

My pain unto the one who brought it to me

In the first place.


Hover me, my guiding light, and I’ll be sure

To deliver your message to all my patrons.


For if they don’t transport my weeping melody

With their dying breaths, then, I’ll leave to you,

My Lord, to act upon this strain as you wish.


For if only I could be driven intro the future

With certainty.  However, what certainty can

There by when the foretold bring only what is

Known, not what has yet to be.


Where is my sunrise?

Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2017


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