Ranting Through Boredom

I know I can’t force my writing when I’m not inspired.  So, I decided for today I’d write without the use of an egg timer.  I’m feeling restless today.  Much too restless to do any work; yet, I’m persevering.  Right now, the egg timer stresses me out.  I just can’t get my thoughts flowing.  I need to relax.  The tension within me has a deep and profound hold on me.  I need to unwind.

How else can I ease the remittance of my being when the warmth surrendering in my soul.  I wish upon a star in the middle of the night only to be invited by fire to stand by myself in a foreign realm where strange creatures with two horns coming out of their chin give me a blank stare when I ask, “Where am I?  Do you know the way to Bountiful?”

They turn around and head on their way.

I continued onward looking through branches of a maple tree; however, I was blinded by sunlight cutting into my vision.

I remove my glasses from my face and rub my itchy eyes.  Sleepiness has caught up with me after spending hours yesterday submitting work here and there.  I also did research on where to send my artwork prior to making the submissions.  The previous night, I didn’t sleep.  I went twenty-four hours with no sleep, because I was obsessed about finding the answers I needed.  So, I continues surfing the internet on my Smart Phone until I found what I needed.

The allergens in the air have begun irritating my nose; yet, still, I push my way through the restlessness.  The more I write the lessening of the restless.  I just wish I weren’t so tense.  I’m would be better off if only I didn’t need more sleep.  I’ve already begun yawning.

Focus for me isn’t clear.  First my right eye itched moments earlier, now my left eyes does.  I rubbed my eye.  It feels much better with the exception of it being a little watery.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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