Negatively Is Only An Illusion

Deep are fantastical milestones when there is a sophomoric approach to the philosophical question of achievement.  There are many reasons for roadblocks; however, the many roadblocks which stand in the way of all of us is our past and our convictions.  I learned this from reading the first three and a half chapters in Tony Robbins Awakening The Giant Within.  His philosophy works for all facets of life whether if its the goal of trying to lose weight; build a business; starting over after long periods of failure.  Mostly, it’s an inspiring message of not giving up.

He also talks about the need for people to change their thinking.  We cannot allow our past to control our present, although our past is a part of us.  Regardless of one’s circumstances, he doesn’t need to allow his past to control him or her.  I know for many years, I’ve been a slave to my past to some degree.  The violence in my home during children is still plaguing me in the sense I have the tendency to dwell on it whenever a goal I strived for didn’t come to fruition.  I found it easy to blame everything on my past and on the home environment I grew up in.  Tony Robbins mentions the importance of changing the way we think about things in life.

We are often influenced by our past based on what we’ve been told about ourselves by others whether it have been a compliment, encouraging words, or insults and/or doubts about our own abilities others have put into our minds.  Such things not only influence our thinking and our beliefs, but make us prisoner to such convictions.  The truth is much of the negative beliefs inflicted upon us have no barring, because those beliefs are not factual. The means for changing our beliefs is to get away from people who are toxic to us.  From there we can start saying to ourselves things like:  “I know I can do this.  I’ve got this.”

Often when I become unsure of myself, I give myself a pep talk thinking to myself, “I’ve got this.”  These words help to instill the kind of confidence and motivation I so need in order to work towards achieving my goals and to keep striving for the best.

(c) Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016



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