Merrily, the children play.

Maple trees whisper to the


I can hear their voices echo

In my ears.

They rustling leaves converge

In resilient bliss.

Halls congregate with clacking


Children run rampant.

Mothers scream in horror

From their destructive ways,

Splashing waters dampening

Their moods.

I eat my Cheerios reluctantly

While my brothers lay tucked

Away in their warm beds on a

Winter’s morning

I ascend the bus steps as mother

Calls out to me, have a good day.

I arrive at school frigid from the cold,

Because it’s sharpness cuts through

My coat.

I stumble into class, taking my seat

At the back of the room,

Waiting for the tardy bell to ring.

Other students stagger in,

Their loud voices ringing.

I think to myself, oh boy, this

Is going to be a long day.

At lunch, I smell of sauerkraut

Fills my senses with a churning


I pick at it, after eating my ham


Finally, the bell rings.

I toss my plate into the trash,

Mindful not to drop it to the floor.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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