Sweeter Are The Days

Sweeter are the days when all

Essence of your voice transforms
The light which holds me entices
Robin’s to sing.

I call out to thunder and lightening
To enrapture me in the coils of
Winter’s breath

I’m lost to the wonders your
Amber eyes fill in my core.

To to taste the delicacy of your
Soul shall divide my grave, and
Conquer all who hail cinder.

For the ashes of his veil speak
To me in aphonic tongues.

I thrash about between your teeth
Inside your unholy drone.

Where are your tides of emotion
Needed to feed on anguish?

For only icy winds can beset your
Frolicking ways of your fire.

My expenditure is erased by the
Coming of the lamb.
For to jump down from milky eyes
Extends warrant laid out upon me.

For the wilder the fires spread across
Plains, the sootier remission becomes
In tides grail begets soulful melodies
Brewing in my heart.

Dance in the lambs tempted soil,
And I shall be fed in the hours bleeding
Out your vessel sanctified by the light.

Remise your longing, and your heart
Shall drift no more.

Follow all enchantment to bite fowl,
But never glide your razor down your
Esoteric flesh unless you intend to breathe.

Long gone altruism.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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