How To Develop A Plot For A Novel

How Can I Develop A Plot For A Novel?

Have a strong opening line or sentence to draw the audience into the story, and gradually develop the plot.

Entice the readers by adding plants (symbolism) throughout the story and keep them guessing. Build tension. Tease the readers.

Remember drama must come from the very core or inner being of the writer himself or herself.

Be an observer in addition to a participant in life. Draw on those observations and experiences; thus, incorporate them into the story.

Continue to build tension, but do so with a balance of calm. There must be conflict within the story. The character(s) must want something.

There must be climax but not too soon nor too late. Timing for climax is crucial.

Most importantly, a good writer trusts his or her own instincts. He or she must use them to know where they are going with the story.

The elements of structure and voice are important, because without them the characters within the story will appear flat.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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