Writing Without Fear

There really isn’t much I can think of to say.  I haven’t done much writing for my blog, lately, although I have written a little bit of diary entries via my Smart Phone.  I’m not as creative as I had been.  It’s been a little over a week since I’ve written a poem.  My last piece of flash fiction was a little over one hundred words.  I feel embarrassed to post this entry in the My 500 words Facebook page and on my blog.

I want to create compositions which are actually creative.  I realize my writings aren’t always going to be good.  Some compositions require more work than others when it comes to molding them into shape.  I guess I’ll have to put more work and effort into them.  I’ve not been using the timed writing method in a few days, because I have been writing composition using my Smart Phone.

The computer is the best means for composing lots of words in a fifteen minute timed period.  It just I’m not always in the mood to use my computer.  I must go where my creative energy lies.  I must write when I’m in the mood.  I need to feel the special spark in order to create within the outside world  However, my inner world needs some work when it comes to my being more imaginative.  I try to follow the rule of thumb of writing what I know; however, this writing book I’ve been reading stresses it’s also important to think outside of the box.  Imagination is just as important.  There must be a story the writer has in mind even when writing from his own experiences, because otherwise it will lead to nowhere.

When writing a writer doesn’t always have to make sense.  If I worried about making sense every time I’d sit down to write, I’d never get anything accomplished.  The best means for getting any writing accomplished is to simply sit down and do it.  Write whatever words pop into the writer’s head.  It’s important for the writer to let their minds do the walking and let their fingers do the strutting on the key’s of their computer.  I find it’s important for me to write freely without any fear of offending anyone.  I can always go back and restructure the pages, along with editing to make the work polished.

In the book I’m currently reading, it stresses if a writer constantly worries about offending people with what he writes, than he’ll never write anything.  He’ll always be questioning himself and constantly reexamining his conscience.  There is no need for a writer to do so.  As long as what he or she writes is the truth, nothing else matters.  However, a writer must distant himself in some respect from the story while at the same time putting himself into the story.

The writer isn’t necessarily the characters he writes about, although many characters in his or her stories can have parallel lives to their own.

Fiction imitates life.  Life is a work comprised of many stories to tell.  However, we must not only look within ourselves as writers to find the stories.  As writers, we must also look externally to find them.  However, the drama must come from within the writer.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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