Pushing Through Even When The Mind Is Blocked


My mind is starting to get exhausted, but I’m going to keep plugging away.  I’m determined to finish this composition in particular.  I may not know where I’m going with it, but at least it will be some more writing accomplished.

My brother is going to call my aunt and uncle to let them know when he’ll be getting out of work.  He works at Wenke Greenhouses.  He often enjoys work which involves working with his hands.  It’s also nice to be in the outdoors, although, most of the time he’s inside working in the greenhouses themselves.

As for me, I’ve been spending my me time reading and writing.  I try to do both as often as I can.  When I’m not doing any reading and/or writing, I often go out for a drive with my aunt.  Sometimes we go with my uncle.  We drive to different stores each day to walk around and break up the monotony of the day.  After we get all the matters taken care of regarding my grandmother’s passing, my aunt and I intend to start going back to the gym to workout.  Although we haven’t been to the gym in a long while, we have been watching what we eat with the utmost care.

I have been keep up with my food charts regularly; however, I haven’t been tabulating the calories, water and proteins intake for each day.  I’ve been quite lazy about doing so, although I should be adamant about keeping careful records of each.  I have been watching what I eat with the utmost care, as I’ve already stated.

My uncle is downstairs in the basement where he often likes to spend his alone time reading.  His favorite books to read are those pertaining to history.  He also likes to read various periodicals to know what’s going on in the world.  He particular, he reads our local paper.

As for myself, I try not to pay too much attention as to what goes on in the world.  The news on television is often depressing, as is the news contained in our local newspaper.  I do however keep up with the world news from time to time which is available on the internet.  There are times when my uncle watches the news on television, I happen to be listening to it while writing.  At such times, it’s relaxing, and helps keep me focused.  I must admit, when I do listen to the news, I often get inspired to write compositions.

I’m running out of things to talk about.  As I sit here struggling to come up with topics for my writing compositions, I still managing to keep plugging away, letting my fingers click at the keys of my computer.  I’m getting slightly thirsty; however, I’m going to ignore my thirst to continue competing against the clock.  I want to get in as many words as possible before the egg timer goes off.

I glanced at the egg timer just now.  I have approximately three minutes worth of time left to write.  Oh, my nerves are a bit rattled, because my mind is not working as quickly as I would have liked it to.  I wish I could be more creative at the moment, but my ideas fail me.  If only inspiration would keep raining down upon me like a huge meteor storm.  Then, I wouldn’t have to worry about running out of things to say in my writing.  It’s just the way of life.  Man is not a machine to be able to crank out words at will.  There will be times when I won’t be able to come up with a single thing to write about.  However, even then, I often try to push through the writer’s block.   When I can.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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