Finding Something To Say

Today, I’m determine to compose as many fifteen minute writing stints as I possibly can.  I believe as a writer it’s vital for me to keep challenging myself, which means I must continue to push myself to the highest limits.  It’s what Mr. Jeff Goins refers to as writing until one is exhausted.  I want to keep getting stronger and stronger with my writing craft.  I’ve been a bit lazy with my writing although I’ve been writing something everyday.  I should be more productive than I have been.  I know.  I know I shouldn’t be dwelling on the past.  So, I won’t.  I’m simply going to move forward and set out to achieve new goals with my writing.  I’m going to set realistic goals for myself.

I don’t know what I want to write about.  Generally, when I write, I don’t have a set topic of which to write about necessarily.  So, I free write most of the time to get my creativity going.  It’s not always easy.  However, I try not to over think a piece when I’m writing.  I also try not to think at all.  Therefore, I write whatever words and phrases pop into my head.

I also realize it’s important to have stories to write about.  I haven’t really included stories in my pieces of nonfiction in a long, long, while.  I need to get back to do so.  This past Sunday, my family and I had a 40 day memorial service in honor of my maternal grandmother’s passing.  It was a nice turn out.  I was deeply moved to see so many faces in attendance.  Many of them came to church just for my grandmother’s 40 day memorial service.

I was overwhelmed with emotion inside of me, although I fought back my tears with success.  It was the first time I had been back in church after so many years.  My aunt and I hadn’t been able to attend church for so many years, because we were caregivers for my elderly grandmother who was wheelchair bound.  Our church doesn’t have a ramp.  When it was built back in 1952, no one had ever considered putting a ramp in the church for those who were wheelchair bound.  Back then, I don’t think there were any parishioners who were wheelchair bound.  However, I digress.  The memorial service was beautiful.  The chanters who sung were impressive.  They sounded great like very professional singers.  It gives me something to look forward to during my future visits to the church when attending services.

I especially enjoyed seeing the little children around there.  Many are so young, it was the first time of my having met them and getting acquainted with them.  There was the cutest little baby whom her father was carrying up the steps as my aunt and I were coming down.  She looked like a beautiful little doll.  There was another little girl of about two years old who wore a cute little dress.  She was looking for her mommy.  A lady who was a longtime friend of my family who was actually childhood friends with my mother and my aunt, took the little girl by the hand and helped her locate her mommy.

My aunt, brother, and I went around the church talking to all the people.  My brother and I ate our pastries first.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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