Falling Deeper And Deeper Into The Quake Of Night

Treasured are the years forsook
In the mid hours of summer.

With every breath raindrops take,
A seed comes into bloom.

There is a haven in the suffix
Of the tambourine.

I drink of salty tears scratching
At my throat.

Engulfed by flames is the heart
Expounded by faulty wires
Overwhelmed by grief stricken

I am the haven where the heart
Dances to the beat of your drum.

However, with every step I take
In the march, I fall deeper and
Deeper into the quake of night.

The moon laughs at me when
My tears expose my true self,
Leaving my identity cold in
The rain.

What will happen to my sunshine
When it starts to rain?

It will simply hide its face in the clouds
Until it can reemerge from the sadness,
And uplift me when I walk on shaky grounds
In the nighttime.

With every hour spent in darkness, I enthrall
Illusion dancing before my yeas with the
Stroke of my pen.

I offer up my vessel to the tides; yet, it is
The somber melodies of the heart which
Are milked by time’s mournful rite.

Scowl at me if it will align your way
Toward enlightenment; however,
Don’t let go of the rope I cling to.

I drink of your bitter tears, and
Envelope my heart.
Sinking it into milky eyes, I drift
Along your waters in search of
The sunlight where every heart
Trembles with delightful bays.

For only a raisin in the sun can
Sweeten my day with treble cleft.

However, it is your crying eyes
Which fill my being with vespers
The Lord spoke of in my dreams.

For are these the tides in question
Which be still my palate with
Every drop of the Lord’s spirit?

I only know of the wings, and
Where I’m to go in the nigh
When the frailties life questioned

Is there no other possibility for
Change when fortitude is lost?

How, if anything, shall I continue
To be in the setting ways of the sun?

When shall I breathe once more
Into your light?

I hope to uphold your light with
My song, if there should ever be
Another in the helms night falls

Drift in sailing souls where
Each is succumbed with fire.
However, let an allowance be
Stoked by flame if ever there
Were a song be knowing.

For I’m faltering down your
Stairway to heaven to meet
You at the royal gates.

It is there we comes face to
Face when I open them,
Take you by the hand,
And guide you into the Lord’s

We are one in a dream
Enlightened by the storm.

For if there were such a call
To withhold all misery from
Your plight, it is now.

There is no other realm so
Stoic in design as the Lord’s
Body of circumference.

However, let there be the nigh
In summer’s breeze soul uplifted.

For it is in the nigh the heart
Shall awaken to new heights.

You see, these are the songs
Bestowed upon your honor
In the guile be forlorn.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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