Anguish Feeds Upon The Soul

Anguish within the rains feeds upon my soul
with a vengeance.

There is a fire brewing which cannot be extinguished with
just a simple word.

All of time’s reward has faded. I’m drowning in your
quick sands.

Can an angelic spirt descend upon me and pull my strings
out of this trap?

If only the measure by which you weigh cost and reward
can be fed by your own zealous behavior.

However faint your spirit may be, you shall continue
walking alone in the burning embers of Hades, enduring
the fate you set for yourself.

For you treaded dark paths where torturing and beating on
your children gave you pleasure.

Now, there is no pleasure where you are.

As you stand there in the spirit realm looking on as thieves
take hold of your possession, I wonder if you really ever
cared about anything other than the possessions and money

Betrayal lurks their blood. For those whom you considered
as friends and neighbors rummage through your closets,
taking whatever of your spoils they can, leaving behind
only their satchel as a reminder of what you lost.

(c) Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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