Kiki’s Diary Entry for Saturday-July 30, 2016

I know I shouldn’t be working on the computer when it’s thundering out. However, it’s only rumbling slightly right now. It will be alright to compose on the computer for now. If the thundering sets in hard, then it will be at such time I will stop what I’m doing and log off of the computer.

I had my breakfast shake moments ago. I logged onto my computer to put my writings needing to be printed into a separate folder so at such time as when I do receive my printer cartridge in the mail, I can remember which writings I do need to print out yet. They date all the way back to this past Sunday. So, aside from today’s compositions, I’ll have a grand total of approximately seven compositions needing to be printed.

Obviously, my aunt has no plans to go out anywhere today, due to the bad weather we are having here in Kalamazoo. It will give me some time to catch up on my reading. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to sit down and accomplish some serious reading. Well, actually, it’s only been approximately two weeks since I’ve done any serious reading. However, I have been at the computer, composing compositions each day. Even so, it’s no excuse for me not to get in additional time for reading.

I’m pleased with my serious dedication I’ve made to my writing. However, instead of napping, I could have been getting some reading done as well. I’m only on Chapter 3 of the Reagan Diaries. Each chapter comprises a year. I’ve been taking my time with reading this book, because I want to absorb the material and remember what I have read. I’ve also been reading a book pertaining to economics, as I’ve mentioned in earlier writings. Aside from those two books, I’ve been reading volume one of the writings of Edgar Allen Poe. All three are most interesting books. Following compositing this very composition, I intend to get some reading done.

I believe it’s just as important for a writer to learn from other authors as it is to compose compositions everyday. Both are needed for growth and development in the writing craft.

I’m struggling a bit as to what I should or am able to say further while competing with the clock. It’s not necessarily I’m at a loss for words. I believe I’m starting to run dry in my well of ideas of which to write about. I could brainstorm to come up with story ideas or poetry.

I need to look at the world around me and reexamine it and my life for further inspiration. There is drama happening all around us within our own lives and with what goes on at a store or wherever we may go on our day to day journeys. Of course, there is inspiration a writer can acquire from the media. One can even acquire inspiration from even social media, I suppose. Any and everything should be considered a great source for inspiration.

I believe there is a treasure trove of information out there of which to right about. Then there comes time needed for editing and proofreading. I need to get back to editing and proofreading the rest of the stories in my short story collection so I can in turn submit it out for publication. I’d like to move onto the next project from there. I’d like to edit my memoir pieces and get them published into a compilation, along with assembling my how to pieces for the writing craft into a compilation. I have more then enough pieces of writing pertaining to the writing craft to comprise a book of some sort.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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