Kiki’s Diary Entry for Friday-July 29, 2016-Some Time At Noon

First off, I’ll start talking about printers. When I went to various local stores asking for cartridge for my type of laser printer, I was told the printer and cartridge were obsolete. So, I began using my aunt’s printer. I bought ink toner cartridges for her printer. For her printer one for black and white, and another for color are both needed. Upon using her printer today for the second day in a row, I printed a document, but it didn’t show up to well on the paper. The ink was very light. Even when I printed my documents yesterday, the page numbers were not showing up.

So, I looked my printer up online just for the heck of it. I found a company which not only specializes in selling such printer, but they also sell the cartridge for my printer, and at a much cheaper price than I had been paying for it all these years when going to stores in my local area to purchase it.

I immediately ordered it. I called up the place, and talked to a representative. She was such a nice lady, and most helpful. I placed an order for one cartridge. It will arrive to my house in two to four business days. I’m happy and ecstatic about the entire experience. I’m relieved to have found the cartridge available online. Now, I don’t have to purchase another laser printer.

I slept in a bit. This rain we’ve been having has affected my sinuses and has made me quite drowsy. As a result, I’ve been starting my day some time at noon. It is now a quarter after two pm. I would have liked to have started my day now later than eight am. However, it just wasn’t probable.

I generally look forward to starting my day. I begin by having my protein breakfast shake, and then head into the living room where I’d set up my computer in my special corner. I call it my office space. I have a comfortable office chair, and a cute wooden folding table. I usually set it up next to the small table containing my printer.

I grab the egg timer from the kitchen, sit in my special corner in the living room, set the egg timer for fifteen minutes, and begin writing. Regardless if I know what I’m going to write, I begin writing whatever pops into my head, not worrying if I make sense or not. Generally, I don’t know what my given pieces of writing will be about or what journey I’ll embark on for the day with the given piece of writing. All I can say is, it’s a joy to me. I’m having fun, and I enjoy every bit of the writing journey I embark on.

I look forward to receiving my cartridge for my laser printer in the mail. I can finally be back on track with my hardcopies. However, it was generous of my aunt to let me use her printer for the time being. I will be returning the black ink cartridge to the store to exchange it, because the one I purchased was defected. I’m still glad I was able to purchase ink for her printer. It’s a nice printer; however, it mostly for printing photos rather than documents. I’m grateful to at least have been able to print my documents which I did print while using it, even though they didn’t print the way I would have liked.

It’s not as hot and muggy at my house like it has been for the past several days. I don’t have to worry about sweat dripping from my brow or from my forehead, no thanks to the rain we’ve been having here in Kalamazoo.


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