Resting The Lord’s Creed

Wash out the rain from your eyes.

The years filled up boiling pots
With teaspoons of your tears.

Resting on the wings of a white
Winged dove, the Lord’s creed
Unfolds in the nigh hours.

For there is no remorse for
Unsung tides.

Burning in the streets is
Nitro spreading over.

Kneeling down, I scoop up
Your ashes, and place them
Into my metal bucket.

I run over to my car,
And drive out all illusion.

Walking on the seashore,
I let fires from sandy grit
Absorb into my flesh.

I climb into a row boat,
Only to drift away from shore,
Grab a hold of the bucket,
And sprinkle your ashes into
The Lord’s tears for a child
Who never learned how to live.

I dream my way into the sunset,
And ask him, “Where is the hunger
I once had for life? Is this the last
Song I sing up to the Heavens?”

I drift onward, reach my hand into
Cloudy waters, and absorb your

Shouting across the mountain tops
Is the one who found me.
He’s the one who brought my to
The highest peak.

I gaze up at the clouds moving closer

Without warning, a crackle is heard
In the sky.

For the evergreens below saturate
The air with their sweetness.

Sugar walls become desolate
From the fleeting gaze of a stranger.

There is no more rage to lure in ice

I dash through the shore, and slash
About with my feet.

I swim and swim with no set
Destination to on load my

For the song angelic voices sing
Fills my being up with a fire
To behold faulting beams of light.

It is the sweat from my brow which
Fights with me.

As I write, sweat forms all over
My brows and forehead.

I wipe it away with my hands to
No avail. It just keeps coming
And coming with no end in sight.

I do so once more, and ask myself
Why. There will only be more to

I rub the corner of my right eye
Lid with the tip of my index

I continue to type and type and

For on the outskirts of time
I march on with my fingers
Clicking away at the keys of
My computer.

For so long, the anguish continued
To burn inside the souls of the driven.

For I walk once more into the sea.
I’m driven out by the salt in your

For you have emblazoned with hearts
Of many with a gleam in your eye.

Charter the music one last time
With your fire.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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