Rhythm Of The Heart

What is the flamboyance of the rain? Is it a matter of where the tides of emotion unfold? I believe it is to some degree. For the islands emerge and surround me with captivating images of sunshine, sand, clear blue waters. It’s a captivating sight all around.

Rain filters out all illusion. I’m washed up on the shore. Penguins waddle in their own serenade across the equator. I’m jumping up and down to my favorite song while at the same time I’m trying to create my own unique dance. For it is the rhythm of the heart which leads to the ease of bitter days. They are the end of days of the days of the past. However, the past is something so remote. It’s permanently marked in the universe; imprinted, if you will. Like a CD Rom has only the capacity to store information once, and then cannot be changed, I believe it’s how the way of the Universe works when regarding the past.

The future is another capacity, because we can mold it into whatever we’d like it to be. It isn’t permanent. However, I often wonder about roads already chosen for us by the Galaxy before we are born. I believe there are patterns out there in time and space comprise the past and future. Each star is perhaps an imprint of either what’s to come or what has already been.

We have in essence past selves and future selves. As I have stated in a previous article, the future selves have our present self as their marker. Therefore, it would be reflected upon. The time we are in now is the future to our past selves. Tides of time have not broken into occurrence yet.

I like to believe somehow dreams are gateways to the past. I’ve stated on occasion regarding a dream I had being propelled back to the time period of the Civil War when in my dream state. For even in our dream state, we can learn from our experiences, and perhaps to some degree, we may be able to experience hands on the time periods long gone. In doing so, I have gained an understanding of some kind as to what it may have been like to have lived back during the times of the Civil War working as a journalist for the local newspaper.

I believe we can learn lots from those individuals whom we often encounter in our dream states. As with my experience, I was a journalist who lived back during the times of the Civil War. I learned much about life, and about the writing craft from a stranger I encountered in my dream state. He was the editor of the local paper. He told me about how ever piece of writing should containing the “itch”. It wasn’t until I had awakened from the dream state did I realize what he meant. The “itch” referred to establishing an emotional connection with one’s reading audience. It’s important to not only grab their attention, but to give them the experience of actually being present witnessing first hand the overall even, and allow them to live the experience for a brief moment in time through the entire being of the narrator.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 20`6


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