All Dreams Are Warranted By The Holy Light!!!

All dreams are warranted by the holy light which burns in the encumbrance of heaven. Such a feat is a reality of all realities. The distance by which time travels recedes all expectation of blinded railways withholding all severances from the truth. However, in order to perceive unfounded truth we must seek to realize which is reality of reality, and which is reality confounded by mankind’s own desires of what one wishes life to be like. There is a wholesomeness found within a child’s face. His mind is just starting to shape prior to being born. As he continues to grow physically, his mind is opened up to a dreamscape which further enhances his grasp on reality.

Another aspect which confounds such a truth is in the song “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” where it is mentioned, “Life is but a dream.” Life is reality; yet, a dream in the sense it is a force of natures elements of time. Time drifts on a continuum, but few make the conscious effort to notice the passing of time. We are caught up in so many realities of the streaming consciousness, there is never a prod of such prospect of noticing before our eyes in the moment of occurrence.

Mankind doesn’t necessarily standstill to see time happen. For even when we standstill, time is passing. However, there are minute changes occurring every passing second of time in its pure, minutest form. A cacophony is created during the cries from thunder and lightening when Mother Earth is struck upon by the clouds. For they cry for the Lord’s lost children who fail to realize where there lives are headed. Or, rather, maybe they do know where they are headed, but don’t know how to prevail through evoking change to each unit a whisper holds in their ears.

For it is the confounded state of consciousness obtained by the starlight burning with the heart of mankind. If only the tides of truth can find their way back to man’s overacted emotional cycle on ingenuity of his fever which burns him up within. Instead of wondering what could be if only he had his entitlement of what he believes to be his. For he gets shelved in his pastoral dreams instead of jumping into the fluidity of what reality really is.

Some folks have had to much reality in the piercing sense they have been drown in the fires of anguish from the early years of their life leading all the way through their adult life. If only such a tide could be released through his liquid light which dies away. It dries up little by little, because anguish causes him or her to forget how to really live. Such occurrences cause one to live like he or she is dead.

When there is no universal plight in their lives to know or rather obtain a better understanding as to why adversity struck his or her spirit hard. And grudge is beheld against the strident fires which burn up hope. Fire can be either friend or foe, but no one can have it as both.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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