Endowment of Iridescent Flames

Shadows fall at the crest of dawn

In askance for a laurel belonging

To the sacred endowment.

However, what is the sacred


It is the measure of which my

Wings carry me when walking

Into the late hours of darkness.


Laughing is the moon with its

Serrated teeth, waiting to take

A bite upon me.


I could almost see his eyes;

Actually, I can see his entire

Face gloating and taunting

Me.  “All hail the visitor

Who comes from the

Iridescent flames.


Don’t expect to pass my gateway.

For I have every channel blocked.

All you’ll find here is your bitter


If you know what’s good for you,

Girly, you’ll keep on walkin’.


So I walk further into the night,

Colliding with some unforeseen

Truths brought into my enlightenment.

The folds in time don’t necessarily

Fade away.

For they are stored in the form of energy;

A star, if you will, consisting of

Our past selves and future selves.


These are the shadows of me

Of whom  I gaze into at night

When I put my hand to my

Forehead, lean back a bit

And take in their power.


I’m energized by such a plight

To be a cross so whole; yet,

Come with fire holding on

Within its own magnitude.


I am all the wiser for knowing

The me’s in the galaxy.


I imagine there being an

Escalator so tall, it could

Take mankind into out space,

Traveling from one time period

To the next.


If only such a feat couldn’t not

Dare go on the blink of a brink

Should all ourselves come together

In one spot all at the same time.


We wouldn’t know who we were

Talking to; yet, we would, only

We would know which of our

Loved one’s selves we are addressing.

They are the same; yet at difference

In degree of time; yet the same.


Forethought for one self is reality

For another of our selves.

However, should we dare to think

We could travel into a star burning

In the heavens.

Perhaps there are galaxies within

Galaxies, in the sense in each

Star is a galaxy filled with more

Stars which serve as gateways

Into other galaxies.


The wreckage would be greatly

Devastating in the sense it could

Destroy all life as we know it.

We’d have a reality within a



In essence, to fallow in a plight

Unknown, should become known

In such an instance.


If I were to be in the room with

Multiple selves of me representing

Past and future, of which for them

They would be their own present.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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