Remembrance Of Song: The Will Of Intent

All leisure is circumvent against time.  The doors of tomorrow’s existence are equestrian when it comes to the days of end.  Richness of the Lord’s cream fills my soul with a sweetness which carries with it the voices of angels.  I’m fed my daily meal of prayer.  I honor my intentions.  For all intentions brought forth by beavers jaws will rise out of the ashes and consume man with an all loving fire.  For this is the ring of fire.

I’m surrounded by a magnitude which offers remembrance of mindful song.  I partake in the bread of such a song in the days my mind goes a drift in the forest of hatred.  It is such fire within me which feeds me with a different kind of strength.  Yes, there is the strength I obtain from the Lord, but it’s just as important for me to carry a degree of sorts of strong temperament.  For it is this temperament which has always given me the ability to speak out for what’s right.  It is written somewhere stressing the importance of fighting for justice and speaking out against injustice.

I intend to keep my temperament at bay; however, it is there should the need ever arise to use it.  Such a temperament must be used for the side of good.  If it is, then it shall further spread love throughout the world in the end.


For me, some element of stress which had always caused a rage to burn in my core has recently diminished.  There is the will of a wheel spinning around and around and around and around.  With every tear which falls; a new seed starts to grow into something bold.  For it is strength we obtain from sadness.  I’ve learned over the course of many years filled with adversity comes a strength.  However, the strength comes along with the healing process.

Every piece of adversity which came my way and chipped away at my peace of mind created a thick, tall wall around me which hardened me to some degree from within.  However, as I overcame adversity piece by piece, little bits of such wall were chipped away, further making me stronger within.  This process was an occurrence which diminished the inner rage I felt for so many years.  I have a kind of inner strength which came about after the course of adversity I dealt with.

Yes, there is a fire within me.  This fire keeps me strong.  There is also a tiny bit of not necessarily rage but anger regarding the adversity I had to endure when growing up.  However, over the course of time, even such tiny bit of anger will diminish little by little.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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