Kingly Seasons Adrift

Unrequited by the lines of fate,

I dream into enchanting worlds

Filled with desirous rays

Beholding me.


The fortitude I seek opens

Up from the Holy Grail,

Inviting me in to taste your



I’m transformed by glorious

Colors of burgundy and tiel.

With every drop of hope

They muster up, I find myself

Rising from the deepest,

Darkest depths of the earth,

Standing firmly with my glance

Expounded by your entity.


I think to myself, “Is this a dream

I’ve wandered into, or is this a

Surreal experience I’m beholding?

Whatever it is, I don’t want it to



Towers guide me into a blaze of


Angels of the storm dance along

Jaded roads paved with pearls and



I drink in their beauty, overcome

By my thirst for the passion vibes

They soak into my soul.

I’m consumed with guile of wit

From whom in plenty of tide

I remorse for every deed done

By foregoing thunder and lightening

Which struck me down in my blaze

Of glory.


Trails lined with maple trees entice

Me to enter into your garden.

With every step I take, I observe

My surroundings.

Resting upon a limb is a robin

Singing it’s hymn of praise to the

Lord, humbling itself so passionately

With its voice.


For to honor the greatness become

By His true Son is the gift given

By golden hands.


Ivory colored petals emerge from

Roses surrounding my heart.

However, beautiful encompassed

By sunlight, their thorns cut deep

Into the flesh of the clouds.


Temperament be mellow for all

Anguish endured throughout a

Tortured a year.

For the wire in the mist has come,

And offers up chant for the distant



The wiser the meadowlark strews,

The closer my heart to the burdened.

For is there such a beauty as the beauty

Beholding your heart so rare in plight?

I come to you in askance for a jaded

Heart to be transformed by the power

Of Heaven.

However, the milk I drink has soured

By the longing to be free of your



Lord, unburdened my heart with

The touch of your fire.

I only wish to dance in the glory

You are, if only to merge with

Rainbows delighting in your essence.


Is it not the glory be told begotten by

Kingly seasons adrift a hearts a flutter?


I remise my life’s condition strung up

By the vindicated; for if only to hear

Your laden voice echoing inside my


© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016

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