Unholy Sunday

It was Sunday morning.  I was ready for a relaxing day at home but I realized I’m all out of coffee.  I took a quick trip to the grocery store, and while I was in line to check out, someone came up from behind me and pointed at gun at the cashier.  “Stop what you’re doing.  Give me all the coupons you have in the register.  Nothing else.”

The punches the buttons on the cash register to open it.  She lifts up the tray containing the money, and removes the coupons from underneath.  Her voice trembled.  “Wouldn’t you like some cash as well?”  She asked him while stuffing all the coupons into a bag.

“I got no use for cash.  Give me the bottle slips, too.  Hurry up I haven’t got all day,” he shouted while jabbing the gun into her ribs.  “Give what I ask for or else the lady across from you gets it.  Understand?”

The cashier hands him the bag with all the coupons and bottle slips.  The robber snatches it out of her hands.  He looks through it.  “Is this all you’ve got?”

“Yes.  I…”

“Shut up.”  He jabbed the gun harder into her ribs.  “I want all the cash you’ve got in there.  Now.  Hurry up will you?”  He waved the gun in her face.

Grabbing a plastic bag, she removed the tray of money from the drawer, and emptied it into the bag.  Just as she handed it to him, he shouted, “I want the bills underneath, too.”

“But…but…” She cried with her eyes gushing with tears as she watched him snatch all the bills out of the drawer.

He shot the gun up in the air.  “Just so you don’t get any ideas, my buddies are waiting for me right over there next to the fountain pop machine.  Do anything foolish, and the mother and child get it in the head.”

“I understand.”  The cashier sobbed while taking a bullet in her arm.

“That’s so you don’t get any ideas about calling the police.  I’d put that cell phone away if I were you, pal.”  The robber shouted, and shot the man in the chest.

The man collapsed in his wife’s arms.  He leaned against the grocery cart to brace himself.  “I’m alright.  I’ll be fine.  Don’t worry,” he whispered as blood gushed from the wounded.

His wife applied pressure to the wound with her hand, screaming, “Someone help us.  He shot my husband.”

A man standing behind her grabbed a hold of her husband.

The robber shook his gun in the cashier’s face.  “Remember what I said.  If anyone does anything foolish.  Bang.”  He back away from the cashier and ran toward the door.

Security slowly approached the assailant, grabbing a hold of him.  However, his two buddies who waited by the fountain pop machine came up from behind them, and grabbed their arms.

The robber turned around, and shot both security guards in the chest, taking off with his two buddies.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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