Umbrage To The Fallen

The laughter in the wind isolates

Frigid tones of vindictive wines.

I’m scorched by the ways of

The sun when the hours at

End rise up and take host

Of the earth’s chalice.

There is a phantasm inside

Holistic crystals yearning

To emerge.

I’m driven by fire emblazoned

Around me.

Moonlight gazes down upon

Me, and smiles its wicked smile.

The spirit in the wind yells out

To me in the form of chant,

“Wayward go the winded.

Hallow is my breathless

Channel; yet, I go forth to

Launch a new creed for the

Lore to follow along the banks

Of a dancing creek.”

My waters bubble over,

And I’m left with the

Driven desire to bring

Umbrage to the fallen.

Stampeding down broken

Roads are white horses

Whose hooves beat against

Me heart.

Your streams are my encumbered

Song blasting through my ears.

Sunlight is the kiss against my

Tattered flesh which bites to

The grain of all evil.

However, it is the strung out

Lull in the night which brings

Forth a vengeance like no other.

Fires rise up against my prison

Cell where shackles cling to my


I call out to the spirit in the wind

To take hold of me, and lift my

Burdens away.

However, all I get in return is your

Essence seeping into my heart.

Every chamber I sink into leads me

Further and further away from my

True self.

For the ignition must burn through

To the core of my existence if I am

To revile in amber grains feeding

The Lords children with passionate


For it is the wind-songs tithes which

Bring me a step closer to engraved

Statutes burning along halls of

The dead.

His scrolls are kept inside a sacred

Box locked up tight.

I see something shining in the distance

On my wanderings for the self I so long

Forgotten to behold.

For lying inside the mountainside is a glazed

Piece of potter.

I dig inside this artistic piece only to rub

My hands against a key.

Pulling it out of the vessel, I examine it

Closely thinking, “I am encumbered by

The Grace of the Lord tonight.  All paradise

Lost is now found in one sacred vessel.

For with this key I shall be feed into my

Own soul and spirit.  I am one with all

Which surrounds me.  For no channel

Shall lead me astray.”

I insert the key into the keyhole of the

Box I carry in my satchel.

For dwelling inside are crystals of

Sapphire, amber, amethyst, and granite.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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