The Red Mirror

Rummaging through my dresser Drawer in search of the perfect shirt to wear with my favorite pair

Of Stoned washed blue denim jeans, my eyes rested on the antique mirror with red border and handle.  

Upon clutching it in my hands, my mind drifted back to the day my great-grandfather gave it to me.

It belonged to his mother, my great-great grandmother who used it when she was a young girl.

I romanticized about how her life in Greece must have been like growing up in the early to mid 1800’s.  

A far away land filled with ancient heroes and folklore.

I look upon my reflection with a sense of nostalgia.

When l saw my face I saw my great-great grandmother’s spirit
Dancing in the eyes looking back at me.
Throughout the storm echoing outside my window, my heart soared on angel’s wings of gold.

However, the one beholding my gaze was the most beautiful of all.

Her amber tresses cascaded along her shoulders.  Her chocolate brown eyes melted my spirit as she whispered, “Child, I am Mary Stavros, your great-great grandmother.
The Lord sent me down from
Heaven to drink away the tears of sorrow burning in your heart.

(c)  Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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