My Favorite Way To Eat Watermelon

Watermelon with its radiant pink insides

Lather my senses with it’s crisp texture

And sweetness.

I enjoy it in a fruit salad mixed with

Apples, bananas, pine apple and peaches.


Its flavors tease my taste buds on a hot

Summer’s day when I bask out in the sun

Enjoying my favorite treat.

I recline in my lounge chair,

Pierce my fork into it one piece at a time,

Close my eyes and imagine I’m on an

Island filled with tropical music

To go along with my relaxation.


Dressed in the fluidity of my passion’s

Soulfulness, there comes into mind

The wholesomeness watermelon

Brings to a child looking for adventure

As she digs her fingers into the

Watermelon while trying to remove

The seeds.

I used to smooth it between my fingers

To see the extend of how much further

Its fibers could be broken down.

However, my mother often told me,

“The best way for the fibers to break

Is by chewing it with your teeth.”

I danced around in the kitchen,

Holding my bowl of watermelon.

Picking it up chunk by chunk,

I tossed it into the air, attempting

To catch it with my mouth.

At times, I succeeded in landing

It directly into my mouth.

However, it often landed

On the floor.

I picked it up from where it

Lie, ran outside into the my

Yard, and offered those

Fallen pieces to the birds.

I looked on as they munched

On them happily.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


#ctusummer #poetry


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