Exercising The Mental Muscle

I’m not really feeling inspired today.  I surfed the internet to find listings of writing prompts.  I went to the first sight, but nothing sparked interest in my enough to write.  The same thing happened when I went to another site where there was a listing of prompts.  Therefore, I chose to voice my grievances in this article.  Well, I don’t know if it is necessarily considered an article.  It’s just a piece talking about the difficulties and frustration when it comes to finding material which would inspire me to write something.I hoped to write some good writing today, but, unfortunately, it’s just mostly jargon.

For the past four or five days straight, inspiration came to me easily, regardless if I used online prompts or not.  There was enough interest in me to write about a given topic.  Today, I woke up feeling slightly tired.  I didn’t want to get out of bed, because I was feeling drowsy.  I could barely keep my eyes opened, but decided to have my protein shake and vitamin supplements any with my glass of water.  They helped awaken me enough where I could sustain myself without having the need to go back to sleep.  However, I feel slightly groggy now.

I often wonder what the world would be like if folks could start their morning chipper each day.  However, realistically, it’s something which isn’t always possible to do.  Generally, I get up during the late part of morning, depending on how alert I am.  If I can awaken my senses enough where I’d be able to stay alert when doing given tasks, I know I’m doing fine.  There are also days when I have to get up during the late part of noon, due to exhaustion.  Such occurrence happens mostly when it’s damp out or the weather is in the process of rain pouring down.

I hate the dampness, because of the negative effects it has on me physically.  Aside from feeling exhausted from the rain causing my muscles to become too relaxed.  I suffer from pain in my joints.  I’ve had such trouble ever since I was fifteen years old.  It resulted from working in my parents car wash from the time I was eleven and a half years old until I was eighteen and a half years old.  While working down there, I was constantly exposed to dampness.  It didn’t matter what time of year it was.  I was always stepping in puddles of water.  Therefore, the negative effects of the dampness set in.  I apologize for any repetition in this article.

I’m writing to the ticking sounds of my egg timer to get in as many thoughts as I can within the fifteen minute time limit I allotted myself.  Some times words escape me.  I try not to generalize in my writing.  It’s important to stay on track with my points I’m trying to get across.  However, there are times when my mind wanders during the process of writing, in the sense I’m trying to think quickly.  I try to type everything as quickly and efficiently as I possible can before the timer stops.

The timer stopped moments ago.  I set the timer again for another fifteen minutes to go another round of writing.  Prior to setting the timer, I checked the word count on my computer.  It said 522 words.  I’m gradually getting back my ability to write 500+ words within the fifteen minute time limit.  For the past five days, I was getting in under 500+ words in fifteen minutes time.  The timer had been stopping, leaving me with only 300+ words accomplished.  It’s because until five days ago, I had been out of practice for a while regarding writing to a ticking egg timer.

I’m just glad to be up there again with my 500+ words.  It was just a matter of exercising my brain and my fingers for a little while so I could get up to the speed I previously had a little over a year ago.  I stopped using the egg timer, because for a long while I had a good streak of writing 1,000+ words at a time.  I had moved up to writing 2,000+ words at a time for a while earlier this year.  For approximately three days straight I had been writing 3,000+ plus words all in one setting.  However, I began to slow down after my final day of writing the 3,000+ words at a time.

I slowed down to writing 1,000+ words at a time.  As the days progressed, my daily word count went down even further.  I started writing 500+ words.  There was a long streak of this.  Later, I fluctuated from writing 500+ words down to 300+ words or less.

I recently went back to using an egg timer when composing my compositions, because I wanted to get back to competing against the clock.  My mind was becoming sluggish.  I needed the mental exercise of being compelled to think quickly on my feet.

Even now as the timer clicks away, I’m compelled to think quickly on my feet.  I don’t want to run out of things to say.  If I have to think about what to write, my writing stagnates for a while.  I can’t allow such a thing to happen.

I don’t know what the future will bring for me in the days, weeks, months or even years to come.  All I can do is take things step by step, doing what I can a little at a time.  Sometimes I find myself taking baby steps with whatever goals I have in life.  I believe starting with baby steps is the best approach to take towards eventually reaching my goals.  Therefore, I try to do what I can to accomplish my tasks each day through taking deep breaths first.

I try to take advantage of every opportunity I acquire in life.  I write wherever I can.  I often compose pieces of writing when I’m a passenger in a car.  I do so via my Smart Phone, using the various writing apps.  I like to write a much as I can.  I keep writing until I can write no more.  I empty my mind.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016

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