The Haunting Grounds Of Destiny

Per venture consists of the many varieties of flavors which exist in life’s true reward.  Always faltering the roads to enlightening, but never broken are treble clefs I skip to from dead wood floating down the river.

Falling into the cracks of time, I have become jargon fetched by hounds.  They are lost to the underbelly time left behind in ice storms.  With every piece of ice falling to the ground, the platitudes of wonder create frolicking monkey’s who raise their glasses in a toast to the symphony brewing in the background.

I never wasted any leisure on the storm.  However, I only drove out the voices haunting every childish dream I had.  I’ve grown winded running down bumpy roads.  Is there no peace to be found when the storm is over, or is there yet another storm to come my way?

I wish I could see through your glacier disposition.  Then, again, there is only a river of needles feeding my storm with fire they spark when flicked against granite.

Is there now frigid calls from cackling hens trotting along grassy areas?  Hover above the land, and you shall see more clearly those who’ve grown accustomed to the serrated edge of your knives.

I’m driven by jargon you spoke in the vile nights when monsters from the deepest pits of darkness emerged to swallow me up in their graves.  I fumble and fall.  You run up to me and stomp on my corpse.  With every bone crushed, I remains transform into ashes.  They are sent into waters forming along the earths edge.  Her tears quench thirst of mankind.

There is a desert moaning against the sunlight.  Sugary breaths tease the sands with every sprinkle of doubt.  However, it is the doubt which breaks minds and shakes the heart with fear of the unknown.  Is the unknown a bridge I walk?  Yes.  We all walk over such a bridge in the hours our stride looks to the future.  There are so many choices, because there is more than one path offered.  Each path has it’s own reward and consequence.  I guess one must consider the road with the least risk.  However, is the road with the least risk necessarily beneficial?  Well, yes and no.  With lesser degree of risk, we are safe.  However, we also stagnate and become restless.  Restless leads to regret for the choice or choices which we made in the past.  There is always the wonder about the roads we didn’t take in life.  Perhaps the outcome could have been better.  Or, perhaps it could have been worse.  It’s vital to weigh the pros and cons.  In the end we must remember we made the best choices possible at the time.  For time is what guides us into the unknown.  It is the unknown which keeps on haunting the hearts of mankind, because when he needs more than he actually has in life’s thunderous pulse.

I choose to bottle up every drop of treasure the rain drips onto my head.  For then, the measure from which I create new dreams will send me forth into another unknown.  It is the way towards the path of enlightenment.  I’m on course with destiny.  I always have been, even though life is full of twists, turns and bumps along the way.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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