Balancing Writing And Family

I realize the importance of being intentional with my writing.  However, I sometimes find myself going off in tangents just to keep my thoughts going throughout the writing process.  For me, thinking too much about what I’m writing often hinders it; thus, writer’s block occurs.  It also gets me thinking what I write isn’t up to par regarding standard.


To prevent myself from getting blocked, I do freewriting, putting down whatever words and/or phrases pop into my head.  If they don’t make sense, they can always be altered to make them blend into a given piece of writing for a clean, smooth read.


As for the flow, I don’t worry so much about it during the writing process.  I believe the time to worry about the flow is during the editing process.  If I were to worry about flow during the writing process, I’d never get any writing accomplished.  


Although it is a good idea to write where there are no distractions, it’s not always possible, because life happens around me.  Therefore, I’ve trained myself to block out distractions, rather than allow myself to become distresses by them.  


Usually when I’m writing, I’m often interrupted to assist my aunt with caring for my elderly grandmother.  Therefore, I strive to get in as many words and thoughts as I can at a time when composing a given piece if writing.  Life happens regardless of how much I tried to block it out in the past.


Throughout the years, I’ve learned the importance of being a participant in life, in addition to being an observer.  Both aspects are crucial for good, effective writing.


There is so much out there for writer’s to learn from.  It’s important for writers to teach their audience. In addition to entertain them.  Everyone has something crucial to say.  As writers, we can learn from  everything and anyone around us about various aspects of life, and acquire inspiration through what our senses tell us.  


Just now, my aunt interrupted me to urge me to go to the gym with her to workout.  I told her I wanted to finish up this article first.  She was a bit disappointed, but I must do what I need to do first to get in time for my writing.  When finishing with this piece, I do intend to get myself ready to go out to the gym with her.


It’s just as important to exercise the mind as it is to exercise the body.  Both are essential for good health.  The mind becomes stronger each time it absorbs information.  In particular, it is especially strengthened when performing tasks requiring a great deal of focus.  At least, I like to think so.


I realize the importance of not neglecting family.  However, it’s just as important not to neglect oneself.  Sometimes family members may get impatient when I’m writing because my assistance is needed.  During such times, I say I need a few moments to complete what I’m doing first.  Therefore, balance and cooperation is needed from all concerned.
© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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