A Day Of Reckoning – Author Joanna Maharis

Creative Talents Unleashed

When the hero dies
upon a burning ship,
I muster up my prayers
to the Lord,
with embers I burn in
my essence following him
up to the stairway to heaven.
Each night there is a fire
ignited by anger and passion
driving out the light,
and bringing forth the storm.
Fog clouds my mind with
crying rain, and my soul
dances with the eagle
ascending into the clouds
with blended pleasure.
He’s full of might and strength;
yet, his lungs grow winded by
the smoke and ash rising from
A day of reckoning eats away
at my soul with a vengeance.
For the songs of the heart
are milked by sorrow.
For every song written,
a new fire burns up the sky
with the colors of rawness,
feeding on my ambition.
However, with each new
sunrise, my troubles melt
away, and are cleansed
away by the nighttime rains.

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