Me And My ’86 Ford Thunderbird

Looking in the compartment of an old beat up purse from over 20 years ago, I felt around in it when my hands came in contact with some keys.  Pulling them out, I examined them closely only to discover they belonged to my first car I ever owned.  It was an ’86 Ford Thunderbird.

I recall going for drives in the late hours of the night to clear my head of my worries.  Back then I thought constantly of my loved ones whom passed away, and personal struggles I endured at the time.  

I often played my favorite music in my tape deck while driving along my path towards solace, absorbing the soothing sounds of my motor.  I didn’t care where my car took me.  What mattered to me most was I beheld the company of the ghosts from my past lurking in my being, and my ’86 Ford Thunderbird.

(c) Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016

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