Emptying My Plate Of Thoughts

Today we went to a Chinese buffet restaurant in observance of Mother’s Day.  My grandmother was the guest of honor.  Our family get together consisted of my aunt, brother, uncle, grandmother and me.  There were so many delicious delicacies to choose from.  I chose pork, crab cakes, string beans and oysters.  I love most of the foods available at the restaurant.  However, my stomach isn’t big enough to consume them all.

Next, I filled my plate with deserts.  First, I had tapioca pudding, mandarin oranges, and bananas topped with strawberry sauce.  Upon consuming them, I went up to the dessert bar again where I got a piece of apple strudel, and a piece of cherry strudel, and topped them with some chocolate/vanilla swirl ice cream.  What a tasty treat.  I washed them down with two tall glasses of ice water.

On the drive home, I became drowsy.  So I slept the entire trip home.  However, I was awake and refreshed enough by the time we arrived home.  I finished up my food charts from this past week and the week before.  We gave grandma her cards and gifts.  She was tickled when reading the cards.

My brother is supposed to come down to our home later sometime today to mow the lawn.  However, he went to the gym directly from the Chinese Buffet Restaurant.  When he finishes with his exercises he’ll be down.

Right now, I’m struggling to come up with additional material to add to this composition.  I’m watching a movie on gettv at the same time I’m typing away on the computer.  It’s the second or third movie I’ve watched so far today.  They are the classics featuring a young Mickey Rooney.  In particular, they are war movies.

My mind has gone blank.  If only there were something more interesting I could come up with to say.  My imagination has left much to be desired.  I’ve run out of things to say.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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