A Workout For The Mind, Body, And Soul

I read a lot and write a lot.  Just recently I read an article online which stated those who do lots of reading and writing are least likely to get dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in comparison to those who don’t make the time to read and write often.

Exercising the brain is just as relevant to good health as exercising the boduy.   One of the reasons for my father having dementia is because he never took the initiative to pick up a book to read, although he knows how to read.  Till this day he has no respect for education.  

When my brothers and I were growing up he tried to impose his belief upon us about education not being important.  According to him, education doesn’t put food on the table.  Hard work and suffering does.  By making such claims, he only displayed his ignorance.  His parents were good people who believed strongly in education.  They valued it just as strongly as their religious beliefs. 

My father never applied himself in school.  Therefore,his lack of education was due to his laziness.

I follow my paternal grandfsthets’s advice about taking the initiative to build upon my knowledge thru learning something new periodically.  He continued reading and learning up until the day he died.

I like to look out at the scenery when I’m a passenger in my aunt’s car.  I often get inspired to write about what I see.  I’m captivated by nature in particular. Springtime is when I especially like to take notice of the trees, the grass and shrubbery.  In my town the weather is beautiful at the moment.  I’m sitting in the backseat of my aunt’s car writing on my Smartphone via Google docs while enjoying the cool breeze coming through the windows.

Her car is parked in the parking lot of my brother’s place of employment.  My aunt is here to give him a ride home.  We’re a half hour early, but I don’t mind.  The extra time is good for my getting in some writing while we wait for my brother.

I can hear the birds chirping in the background.  There is also the sound of the motor running coming from other cars nearby.  All in all it’s peaceful and soothing.

After we drop my brother off to his house, we will be heading to the gym where I’m my aunt and I plan to get in at least thirty minutes of exercise, if not more.


Following my workout on the treadmill, I plan to sit at one of the tables over at the gym to relax a little bit while I read some Shakespeare online Via my Smartphone.

Later this evening, I’d like to put in some time editing and revising one of my collective works of poetry.  I did some revising and editing earlier today.  I began the process for this writing project late last night.  I work till exhaustion set in.  I hope to do the same later this evening.  

My brother should be getting out of work soon.  My mind is starting to get tired from composing this piece.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016

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