Climbing Upon The Stars

Climb upon the stars with the omission setting

Patterns belonging to your light.

Cave in walls burning within, and deliver

All credence up to Eastern shores.

Collect your wounds in a barrel,

And let them cleanse an anguished Earth.

Catch a milkweed floating in the breeze;

However, thirst now for deliverance.

Collect your debts in a bucket,

Letting them cry into harbored fears.

Seldom do I walk into your fierce eyes,

But I cannot burl myself inside me.

Forgotten among an isolated land

Are frozen mimes channel inertia.

No longer safe from polluted waters,

Children thrash about inside your web.

I shiver at night while gathering my

Blanket around my shoulders.

Darkness fades into light, and morning

Sun cuts through.

I’m blinded by your fire holding me

In a tight embrace.

However long each distance,

I know I can tread if only to withstand.

For every tear gliding down my cheek,

There is a song brewing inside my heart.

I come closer to a new sunrise each time

I awaken from water colored visions

Holding me grounded.

I no longer hunger for pastoral dreams.

For now I sing hymns to my Lord

When asking for His guidance.

Tossing and turning in my bed,

Because restlessness feeds my spirit.

Resistance becomes sanguine.

I can hear nature calling.

For nature’s music fills me up

With its beauty.

Every song played out by your

Vices recompenses me.

I’m not washed up by my past.

For they are cascading down

Tresses hanging over my rounded

Shoulders, spiraling with flow.

I could lead each new struggle

In light of tomorrow; yet,

With passing hour gliding away

From your vices.

Your sugar walls act complacent

When broken bones stammer on.

However, I’ve yet to be sung in

Light of all majesties earthy eyes.

How long must an angel succumb

To your floating ashes emerging

From burning hearts?

Only lonesome creeds can sallow.

For ever dream led astray,

There is a boat waiting to

Cast off its nets, luring in

Their catch.

Don’t go looking for froth

When milking lost dreams.

For they lessen in rising tides

When crashing onto shore.

Saddle up your fears,

And yank them with

Your reigns.

Tie them in knots when

Drinking up your salty tears.

I gather soot from ashes,

And glide it down my throat.

Eyes glisten when rain comes;

Yet, thunder crackles up above.

Built in your flames; I wash

My face with my tears.

Galloping horses cut

Against winded skies;

Yet, merciful trees wave

Their limbs in happy gesture.

Murmuring hearts go unfounded

In crowded streets compelled to glare.

However, with mighty hands a sword

Over to sublime children marching through.

I’m overwhelmed by an overpass,

And stagger along rocky roads;

Yet, their sharp tongues cut

Never stray.

Glory, glory be unto you,

My Lord when I’m unburdened.

Songs sung through gallantry

Wash over your plains.

Flying up above, geese let

Themselves be known,

Commanding a respect from

Man who absorbs their song,

Savoring it in their hearts..

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016

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