Ramblings On The Rain

It’s almost quarter to four in the evening.  I just now sat down to write.  I wasn’t exactly procrastinating.  Upon getting up this morning at eight o’clock this morning, I had my protein shake and herbal tea.  I then went back to bed, because I was drowsy.  Although the past few days I was able to stay up after having breakfast, I wasn’t able to this morning.  The dampness in the air is bothersome to me, and makes me exhausted at times.

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to write at this very moment in time.  However, I wish I could have gotten a much earlier start on my writing.  I did some more revising and editing a little while ago for my story Princess Dominica.  I want to make sure everything was worded in a way which would make it a clean read.  I added a few lines to it.  I’m not sure about the amount, because it’s difficult for me to keep track.

I’d like to work on new story material for works of fiction; however, I’m obsessed with the Princess Dominica story at the moment.  Upon finishing with the revisions and editing, I hope to get to work on new pieces of fiction soon after.  I may be repeating myself a bit.  Sorry for doing so.

I’m trying to write whatever words pop into my head so I can have something to put into print.  I hope to then put this composition aside for a little while and then go back to it later for editing and revising.

I didn’t go out anywhere at all today.  I’m home looking after my grandmother while my aunt is out running errands with my uncle.  I have no idea what time they will be back.

I’m not sure what else to share with my readers at the moment.  I know it would help greatly if I took a break from writing for a day or two, and do other activities.  For me, doing other activities generally helps me think about my writing projects.  I often get ideas when walking around in a store or taking a walk outside.  Words begin to flow.  It’s then I take out my Smart Phone and begin typing my material either in the notes app or Google Docs.

When I’m out in nature, I often come up with verses for future poems.  I like to observe everything in nature.  Little birds of all kinds fill my heart with joy.  I love to listen to their chirping.  It’s soothing to my ears and relaxing to my nerves.

I haven’t been able to go to the gym in a little over a week, because of the dampness.  It affects the muscles in my legs; thus, making them too relaxed.  I have to make sure I’m feeling in top form before using the treadmill.

In the middle of writing a thought in this composition, I was just interrupted twice.  My aunt called my Smart Phone.  Upon answering her call, she hung up without saying a word.  It must have been a bad connection.  I’m certain she called to let me know she and my uncle are on their way home.  It’s raining out at the moment.  It’s also thundering.  I’m going to have to interrupt this composition soon, if the thunder is strong.  At the moment, it’s only rumbling outside.

My grandmother is in hers and my aunts bedroom watching a movie on my aunt’s computer.  At the moment, she’s watching a movie from the Pirate’s of the Caribbean series.  If the rain starts thundering hard, I’ll turn off my computer as well as my aunt’s computer.

My aunt called again to tell me to turn off the computers, because it’s starting to thunder.  It’s something I already knew.  However, she worries, and tells me what I already know, anyway.

The rumbling seems to have stopped at the moment.  I got fooled, because it started up again.  I’m going to close for now.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016

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