Putting Circulation Into A Body Of Writing

As I stated in my previous writings, being without my iron supplements made me sluggish.  So, this morning, my aunt drove to Walgreens and bought me some.  I took an iron tablet a little over an hour ago with some food.  I feel better.  My legs no longer feel tired, although I’m feeling a bit groggy.

I slept through most of the night the past few nights.  However, maybe my grogginess is from being without iron supplements for long periods of time.  Just because I took an iron supplement tablet a little over an hour ago, it doesn’t mean my symptoms will vanish immediately.  It will take at least a few days for my body to recover from the tiredness and sluggishness.

While waiting for my aunt to return with my iron supplements,I did some more revisions for a story I’ve been working on.  Right now, I have to figure out how to breathe more life into the primary character in the story, because I ended up with the secondary character taking over the story.  I need to find the right balance or equilibrium, or else the plot won’t work.  

Perhaps it’s the plot itself which needs work.  I know I have some interesting details in the story, but I believe the plot is a bit on the weak side.  How can I make the plot stronger?  At the moment, I’m not sure.  I’ll definitely have someone read it to get feedback on it.  

I also worry about the plot being mundane.  So much so, my confidence is affected.  Lately, I have doubts about my ability as a writer, because I’m not sure how I can write the story well enough were the plot will be effective.  I’m not sure about the means for bringing out strength and other aspects of the primary character where she’d be able to carry the weight of the story.  I need to be able to resolve these issues first so I can move the plot forward, instead of bogging it down with jargon.

Aside from the mentioned story, I also worry, because it’s been a couple days since I’ve composed a new composition.  Im aware how important it is to edit and revise pieces.  However, it’s equally important to have the audacity to create new writing compositions each day so as to grow with one’s writing craft so as to fully master it.

One means for perfecting a story is to write it out first.  Then revise through going scene by scene.  I believe it’s crucial to rewrite a given scene in a story until it feels right.  Be sure to be able to feel the completeness of each scene instinctively.  For me, doing so ensures the scene will be strong, concise, and effective.  Therefore, it will flow well,and be a clean read.  All of the mentioned methods will tighten the overall story, making it appear it could almost spring back into its shape like a rubber band.  The writing will appear to sparkle like a watercolored picture.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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