Ramblings Going Of The Mind

For the past hour, I’ve been trying to find prompts online so I can create a unique composition.  After doing a rigorous search, I still have nothing of relevance to write about.  None of them interested me enough to get any creativity going.  So, here I am clicking key’s on my computer in the hopes of getting something down into print.

My brother will be dropping by my house later today.  He needs my assistance doing some important work on the computer.  What it is exactly, I don’t know.  At least, I don’t recall.  He recently obtained employment doing landscaping work for one of the local greenhouses in Kalamazoo.  He loves working outdoors and working with his hands.  When he trims bushes or hedges, everything has to be symmetrical, always giving a nice clean presentation.   He often does landscaping work for our uncle and grandmother.

Although I’m alert enough to write, I’m feeling a bit sluggish.  My eyes aren’t necessarily drowsy, but they’re still on the tired side.  However, I’m also feeling uncomfortable warm and restless as I’m writing this entry.  I could get up from the sofa to open the front door, letting some nice cool air into the house.  On the other hand, I’ve got some kind of momentum going.  I don’t want to lose it.

My aunt drove my uncle to church a little while ago, because his car is in need of some repairs.  He’s been procrastinating about having an auto mechanic look at it.  My aunt and I have told him on several occasions to take it down there and get it fixed so he can have his driving independence back.  However, he doesn’t feel it to be primary importance at such moment in time.

I worked out on the treadmill yesterday at the gym for only a little over ten minutes.  Normally, I work out for between twenty to thirty minutes.  However, yesterday I couldn’t get enough momentum to stay on the treadmill any longer than ten minutes.  It has to be because I had been without my iron supplement for a few days.  I have to take the initiative to go to the store and get some.  I know for certain if I had my iron supplements in my system, I’d have the energy and endurance needed to complete at least twenty minutes on the treadmill, if not a little more.  Therefore, I was disappointed with my workout yesterday.  Working on the treadmill for only a little over ten minutes was a big let down for me.  I let myself down.  Then, again, my body was working against me, because it was lacking in iron.

I spent a good part of the afternoon doing some work on my Smart Phone.  It would have been nice to get some reading done, but the motivation wasn’t there.  These past few days, I have done some writing.  Yesterday, I wrote a hundred and fifty words.  I realize it wasn’t much, but some writing is better than none.  Maybe it sounds lazy.  No.  There’s no doubt make such a comment is laziness on my part.  Instead, I should of wrote out random thoughts at least to get the creative process going.  Going to the gym in the afternoon is no excuse for me to accomplish very little writing on my part.  I could have woken up early enough to get some writing accomplished in the morning.

Maybe it’s important to pace myself.  Maybe not.  I don’t know.  How could I have been so lazy.  I need to get in the habit of getting up at eight o’clock every morning, not on a select few days.  What’s the matter with me.  Simple.  Exhaustion.  However, it’s no one’s fault but my own.  I’ve gone to the store several times in the past couple of weeks.  There’s simply no excuse for me to be without iron.  I’ve been putting it off, because I thought I’d be able to get it at a much later time.  I failed to realize my body has been in need of it.  Without it, I can’t exercise as much as I’d like.  It’s important for one to take care of his or her health first and foremost, and then focus on other important tasks which must be accomplished.  It makes no difference if it’s my health, being a caregiver for my elderly grandmother, writing daily, reading, or doing chores around the house.  Everything in life is important.  It’s just a matter of prioritizing.

I just got done checking the word count.  To my surprise, I already have seven hundred plus words.  It’s amazing the things one can accomplish if he just puts his mind to performing the given task.  I had been typing away at my computer nonstop and managed to get much accomplished before I realized I had.  I guess it’s because I’m been indulging myself into this piece.  I’m overcome with joy to have come so far with it.  Sorry for all the ranting.  I achieved lots for someone who had nothing in particular to write about.  It was a struggle to find a topic of interest.

The temperature in the living room is much comfortable in comparison to how it was when I first sat down and began writing this composition.  It’s a matter of having patience, perseverance, tolerance, dedication, and self-discipline.  Follow through is also important so as to not break the momentum when starting a piece of writing or any task in life.  Anything can be accomplished if we just take the time to get the task done.

It’s been said by many of my peers on the my500words Facebook page, along with Mr. Jeff Goins and his affiliates about it being important to make the time to write everyday.  I find truth in the philosophy regarding sacrifices.  If we give up other things in life, we can find the time to write.  I’d like to be able to write for more than just an hour or an hour and a half.  It would be nice if I could sit down and write for three hours or even five hours all in one setting.  It’s a matter of disciplining myself enough to do so.

I need to sit myself down and ask myself how badly I want to write.  To be a writer takes more than talent.  It takes attitude, drive, initiative and dedication.  I realize it’s important to have a good mindset.  However, I believe it’s not enough to simply think about writing.  Yes, it’s important for a writer to have some idea as to where a piece of writing is going.  However, it truly is important to be able to overcome the fear of writing something of poor quality.  I like to think of the first draft as the skeleton for the piece.

When editing and revising, I like perceive I’m putting the organs and flesh on the given piece of writing.  In doing so, the finished product will be a complete body, or a sum to an entire body of work.

Already, I have a little over one thousand words in this piece, because I’ve taken the initiative to sit down and write.  I’d like to sit at my computer and keep clicking the keys until I’ve reached a little over two thousand words.  I know I can do so, because these past couple of months I’ve written several pieces containing a little over two thousand words.  I would eventually like to move on to writing a little over three thousand words.  I estimate it will take me at least a year to condition my mind into having the ability to compose a little over three thousand words all in one setting.

I look forward to the day where I’d been able to compose at least ten thousand words all in one setting.  To do so would be phenomenal.  However, I must take the process step by step, and day by day.  I know if I keep up with my writing craft through daily practice, I will someday be able to compose ten thousand words all in one setting.

Right now, I should get up and stretch.  I don’t really want to.  I’d rather keep going.  However, it goes back to what I was discussing earlier in this piece.  Remember what I said about the importance of taking care of one’s health first and then pursue other tasks in life which must be accomplished?

Stretching a few seconds ago helped me put circulation into my system.  I find it invigorating.   Now, I’m relaxed enough to focus on this piece and to get as far with it as I can.  I’m still aiming for a little over two thousand words.  Maybe I’ll try for the three thousand word mark.  However, I’ll do so only after completing a little over two thousand words first.  I’d like to find out what it would be like to complete three thousand words all in one setting.

I realize the mind and body reach a period of exhaustion once pushed to and beyond their limits.  I’d like to keep pushing myself until I’m able to write no more for the day.  So, I click away at the keys, not necessarily writing anything of importance.  Most importantly, I’m exercising my mind and my fingers.

A part of me would like to stop now, but there is another part of me wanting to continue clicking away at my keyboard.  The latter is a little stronger, and outweighs the desire to quit for the day.  So, I’m going to keep pushing through.  My restlessness is trying to be a roadblock for me when it comes to my creativity.  However, I won’t let it do so.

I’ve been up since eight in the morning.  It’s now five minutes after eleven in the morning.  Soon, my uncle will be getting out of church and heading downstairs into the basement for coffee hour.  It’s one of the church activities he enjoys the most.  He likes to mingle with people.  However, once he starts talking he never stops.  It’s a wonder anyone else can get a word in.  Sometimes when I’m trying to have a conversation with him it seems like it’s a monologue.  He often says the same thing about me.  I gets we both seem to override others in conversations.  It’s a matter of being overly enthusiastic about getting my thoughts out when having a conversation with someone.

My peers from middle school and high school would be shocked to learn about me not giving other folks a chance to get a word in during a conversation.  I was painfully shy in middle school and high school.  However, by the time I reached my early twenties things changed.  I went from being an introvert to an extrovert.  I enjoy being around people.  It’s such a pleasure to go to the store, the bank or the gym, because I enjoy talking with the people I encounter there.

Well, folks, I’m getting closer to the two thousand word goal.  Right now, I’m a little over eighteen hundred words.  If I keep clicking away, I’ll make it.  It’s amazing the things we as human beings are able to achieve through dedication and perseverance.  We discover new talents and abilities we hadn’t realized we had prior to the moment of discovery.  Trying new things is important in life, because it’s the means for we as human beings to develop our minds and enrich our lives with further knowledge and learning.

Life is full of winders and mysteries yet to be explored.  There are things in life which are unexplained.  If only it would be possible to know the answers to everything in life.  However, I like to think if we had all the answers to everything in the world, there would be any purpose in life.  For me, curiosity in the world is one of the great things in life which gives purpose.  Without purpose in life, I would either be in a rut, feeling loss, and/or both.

Well, I’ve reached a little over two thousand words.  However, I’m got to keep on writing to see how much further I can go with my writing craft.  I’m not sure what I’ll add to this piece.  It’s just a matter of letting my instincts guide me on this journey.  I’m feeling a bit restless again.  I will not let it overpower me into giving up and stop for the day.  I want to keep going until I’ve at least reached the twenty-one hundred mark.  Then, I’ll perhaps shoot for the twenty-two hundred mark.  I hope to go even further with my writing today, if I’d can dedicate myself to do so.

I find it’s important to keep challenging myself each day with everything I do.  Regardless if it involves extending my word count for my writing craft, or if it’s the notion of increasing my mph, distance and time spent on the treadmill every trip I make to the gym.  Doing so will make me strong as a writer in addition to becoming strong physically.  The mind has the capacity to achieve great things and does the body.  Pushing ourselves to the limits in both regards is highly beneficial.  However, I don’t go beyond my limitations.  Every doctor I’ve ever had always told me to listen to what my body tells my when exercising.  It’s important to exercise, but not to where I’d cause injury to myself.

I’ve just surpassed the twenty-two hundred mark.  I’m most definitely proud of my achievement.  Now, to go for the twenty-three hundred word limit.  My body and mind are telling me to quit, because the restlessness has gotten a bit stronger.  However, I’m going to keep typing.  I’m not going to give into my temptation to stop.  Although I’m feeling slightly restless, I’m haven’t reached exhaustion yet.  I know I can overcome the restlessness if I stay focused on my current task.  I won’t give up on it or on myself.  I’ve got this.  I can do any task I want to achieve if I set my mind to it.  I realize my ranting doesn’t necessarily make sense.  However, what’s most important is I’m writing.  Writing something down in print is the primary factor at the moment.

I’ve now surpassed the twenty-three plus word mark.  What a great achievement.  If I keep plugging away I can reach the twenty-four plus word mark.

I don’t know what my aunt’s plans are for today.  I think she mentioned yesterday something about she and my grandmother going out somewhere later today.  However, I’m not for sure.  Anyway, as I already stated earlier in this composition, my brother will be coming down today.  He’s in need of my assistance for getting some work done on the computer.  My aunt will be picking him up at his house when after she gets my uncle from church.  She will be leaving to get my uncle in a little less than half an hour.

At the moment, I feel like giving up.  I surpassed the twenty-five hundred plus word mark.  The urgency to stop is even greater.  Mostly, because I’m feeling slightly anxious now in combination with the restless.  The feeling of anxiousness is stronger.  However, I know, like the restlessness, it will pass.  I take in deep breaths, glancing out of my living room window for a few moments.  Doing do helps me relax a bit and obtain further motivation to keep on writing.

I glance around at the room at the position of the furniture.  The way the living room is arranged may seem a bit disorderly to some.  However, for me, the disorder makes for a great work space when writing.  It’s the perfect writing environment.

My aunt will be getting my grandmother out of bed in a few moments.  She’d like to have her up and dressed before going to church to get my uncle.  At such time, I’ll have not choice but to stop, because my assistance will be needed for transferring my grandmother to and from the wheelchair.  As I’ve mentioned in several previous articles, I’m a caregiver in addition to being a writer and blogger.  It’s a tremendous responsibility.  However, I like to think it’s a part of my purpose in life.

I add up all of my life experiences and everything I endured in life.  It all brings me to my current point in life.  What I do at the moment shapes my future.  The future isn’t written in stone.  However, one can create a path to the future based on what he’s doing at the present time.

Again, restless is starting to set in.  I lean back in the sofa and stretch some more to obtain focus.  I just did some neck rolls to keep my neck from getting stiff.  Such an occurrence isn’t pleasant.  I’ve woken up with stiffness in my neck not too long ago.  It’s primarily due to a traveling pinched nerve.  When I don’t have stiffness in my neck, I have it in my elbow joints, in my lower back, and in my knees.

When it rains or is damp out, I especially suffer from pain in my knees.  It derives from having worked in a wet, damp environment from the time I was eleven and a half years old up until I was eighteen and half years old.

I was just informed by my aunt she is leaving to pick up my uncle from church.  Then they will stop at my brother’s house to get him.  She said she’s not going to get my grandmother out of bed just yet.  Instead, she’s going to let her sleep until she and my uncle return with my brother.

I’ve surpassed the twenty-nine hundred mark.  Soon, I’ll make it to the three thousand word mark.  What a feat.

I look forward to my brother coming down today.  Helping him with computer work is a nice means for us to spend some quality time together.  It also gives us an opportunity to discuss our week.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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