Y2: Day 84 (Tell Us About Yourself) Introduction About Myself

I’m a writer, blogger, and published author.  I’ve had several book publications. Writing has always been a great part of my life.  I can’t recall when it hasn’t.  I developed the passion for writing poetry, fiction and plays when I was in the first grade.  I often co-wrote plays with my brothers, cousins, and friends.  We’d often perform them for our family members.  Mom would then present us with chocolate chip cookies and milk as a form of our pay.

I like writing, because it allows me the freedom to express my convictions in such a profound way.  Often, ideas and thoughts become stuck in my head.  I have the urgency to let them out and be revealed to the world.

I write as often as I can, although I write for at least an hour at a time.  One of my favorite places to write is the living room where I spend afternoons and evenings typing away at the keys creating worlds from my imagination.

I’m also a co-caregiver for my elderly grandmother.  My aunt and I often take her out to get some fresh air so she doesn’t become depressed.

Throughout the course of the day, I like to read good literature, periodicals, and online articles.  I’m fascinated by the capabilities of the mind.  Among the many course I’ve taken in high school and college, I studied psychology.  The mind is a powerful thing.  When we dream we are transported to the outer dimensions of time and space.  I like to think in some way we are able to achieve time travel through the dream state.  Years ago, I dream I was living back in the time of the American Civil War.  I was a journalist in a small town.  A rookie, really.  The editor didn’t look like an editor.  If anything, he could have been assumed to be the town drunk/bum, because he was grubby looking.

Upon completing my first article, I submitted it to him for publication.  He told me it wasn’t good enough, because it didn’t have “the itch.”  So he sent me on assignment to cover the American Civil War.  It this particular dream state, I was covering the war on the front lines.  While I was observing and taking notes, a soldier was shot.  I treated his wounds.  I was overcome with emotion in this dream, because he died.  When writing the article I put all of my being into the article.  Upon presenting it to the editor, he read it, looked at me and smiled, “You’ve finally got it.”

“Got what?”  I asked.

“The itch,” he replied, and wandered and headed over to the printing press.

Upon waking up from the dream, I realized “the itch” he was talking about was the notion of making an emotional connection with my reading audience, making them care about the people and subject matter I wrote about.

I’ve tried to incorporate such elements into my writing since then.  I know this writing exercise is supposed to be about me.  However, I deemed it appropriate to share those tidbits, as well.  They are a crucial part of my life even if they are incidents happening only in my dream state.  Dreams often have had a profound effect upon me.  Many of them have become inspiration for stories and poems throughout the years.

I love the way Mother Nature works.  It’s fascinating the way the birds can ascend into the heavens.  I like to think they are what led man to create means for himself to be able to fly somehow, although in an artificial capacity.

I’m amazed by innovations made in science, medicine and technology over the ages.  Man has developed the capacity to do many remarkable things.  If I could put all the events occurring in time and space together, it would be a great means to watch them quickly unfold.  One could be present to see change and growth in the capsulation of thought and ingenuity.  The greatest minds have captured man’s fascination with his own being throughout centuries to calculate extremities for curing anything ailing man.

When my brothers and I were children, our aunt and grandmother bought us toy doctor bags containing artificial medical instruments of which we could use when examining our stuffed animals.  I also used them to examine my baby dolls.  In the minds of children, the imagination comes alive, sometimes more vividly than life itself.

I recently took up an interest in going to the gym with my aunt.  Although we’ve had our intake of calories, water and proteins in check, enabling us to lose several inches and pounds, we wanted to increase the weight loss capacity through incorporating exercise.  It’s vital for getting up the heart rate and making the body feel better in the long run.

I record all of my data in a food chart  I keep on my computer.  At the end of every week, I calculate my calories, proteins, and water in take, and present the chart to our wellness coach.  I enjoy making the charts, because I love writing.  It’s another means for me to feel creative.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016




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