Y2: Day 82 (Fragile) The Hard Knocks In Life

What makes me fragile?  I guess there are a number of things.  Although I’m not as sensitive as I used to be, I get uptight from certain noises.  Certain clicking noises irritate me, because my nerves are sensitive to them.  My nerves tighten, overwhelming me with stress.

I need quiet when I’m reading and/or writing so as to retain information.  It’s virtually impossible for me to work under duress of certain sounds.  I remember many years ago when I was in college.  The dormitory hall consisted of thin walls, thin floors and thin ceilings.  Other students in the dorms would play there music loud or those who lived on the floor above me would bounce a basketball throughout the night when I’d be trying to study.

I recall the first night at the dorms in the fall of 1991.  I lived on the first floor.  The girls in the quad on the first floor had a party throughout the night which consisted of drinking and loud music, along with loud voices.  They were much younger than myself and the rest of the girls on the floor who were juniors and seniors.  The freshman in question were rowdy, making it impossible to sleep.

Our resident aid approached their room many times through out the night telling them to quiet down so the rest of us on the floor could sleep; however, those immature girls refused to comply.  The following morning, I was in the bathroom.  Those same girls were in there as well.  The one said to the other, “I slept good last night.  I don’t know what the big deal is about not getting any sleep when staying in the dorm.  Those others who complain constantly about not being able to sleep in the dorm must have insomnia.”

I was standing next to the girl using another sink.  “It’s not insomnia.  It’s more like suffering from inconsideration and lack of respect from certain girls who live on the floor.  Get my drift.”

The girls looked at me dumbfounded, replying in unison, “No.”

“What are you, stupid?  You are the ones I’m talking about.  The rest of us on this floor don’t appreciate getting woken up in the middle of the night, because some immature little girls want to play their music loud, and talk loud and have a drinking party with mixed company in the middle of the night.”  I smacked my hand on the counter.

“Uh.  Excuse me, but we live here too.  We are here to live the college experience to its fullest.  Just because someone like you prefers to be an old lady before her time is no reason for the rest of us to.”

I yelled, “Wanting peace and quiet so I can sleep throughout the night does not make me an old lady.  Furthermore, unlike you, my mommy and daddy aren’t putting me through school.  I’m paying for my own college education as are the rest of the girls who live on this floor.  In addition to being fulltime students, there are other girls on this floor who hold fulltime jobs.  We want to get the best value for our college education.  Clearly you aren’t in attendance at this university to get an education.  Since you’d rather party instead of focusing on your studies, it’s clear you don’t belong here.”

The girls grabbed their belongings, glared at me and left the bathroom.

My roommate and friend entered the bathroom, getting shoved by those girls.  “Excuse you,” she yelled to them making her way through the door.  Approaching me, she set her belongings on the sink.  “Is everything okay, Kiki.  You look disgusted.”

“No.  Things aren’t okay.  Those little girls whom just walked out the bathroom door are my problem.  They’re the ones who live in the quad.  You know, the ones whom had the party last night, making impossible for the rest of us to sleep.”  I glanced up at her while rubbing gel into my hair.

“Yeah.  I know what you mean.  When you and I went to their room with the resident aid, I felt like smacking them.  I’d like to teach those girls a big lesson when it comes to showing respect for others.”  She headed over to the showers.

“You and me both.”  I clicked on my dryer, letting the heat absorb into my hair when the resident aid and two other girls from our floor walked into the bathroom.

“I just want to apologize to all of your girls for the inconveniences endured on this floor throughout the night.  Those girls in the quad clearly don’t respect rules.  I did write them up for disruption, and for underage drinking.”  The resident aid headed over to the other shower.

The two girls who entered the bathroom with her hovered over the sinks next to me brushing their teeth.

Spitting into the sink, the one girl turned to me.  “Kiki, I’m so glad the resident aid wrote those little snots up.  I hoped they get kicked out of here.  What business do little girls have drinking in the first place?”

“I know.  They needed a good slap across the face.  If they had grown up in my household, they would have gotten the beating of their lives for conducting themselves in such an appalling manner.”  I fluffed out my hair with my fingers, while applying my mascara.

My roommate walked from the shower to the sink behind us.  “Girls, it’s their first time away from home.  I don’t condone what they did.  I’m just upset about it as you are.  It’s clear they never had any sense of responsibility when they were growing up.  It starts with the parents and the home.”

“True.  However, they’ve got to learn sometime.  It’ important to follow the rules of this dormitory and the school.  I’m sure they were told about the rules during their orientation.  If they are hard of hearing or have brain damage causing them not to comprehend valuable information brought to their attention, they have no business attending this university nor any other.”  I bend my head down, brushing the back of my hair, and jerked my head up again.

One of the girls standing at a sink to my right intervened.  “Their spoiled children who’ve never been spanked by their parents.  But spoiled or nor, they can’t be allowed to get away with such behavior.  My roommate and I went to their room on more than one occasion ourselves last night.  Believe me when I say I used some choice words when talking to them.  You can’t be too nice with such people.”

The resident aid finished her shower, and approached us at the sinks.  “Don’t worry girls.  As I said earlier when I came into the this bathroom.  Have written them up.  Their names and the report was given to my superiors who will deal with them.  I can assure you such behavior isn’t tolerated at this institution, especially when it comes to underage drinking.”

My roommate leaned over the sink, brushing her teeth.  “On behalf of myself and the rest of the girls on this floor, we’d like to thank you as our resident aid for responding so promptly.”

“Thank you, but I’m just doing my job.  If there’s anything I else I can do to make your stay at this dorm comfortable and peaceful, let me know.  You all know where my room is and you have my phone number for if you have any future problems.”  She towel dried her hair, and began brushing her teeth.

I entered my dorm room where I got dressed for class.  I stopped at the cafeteria first where I had scrambled eggs, French toast, and oatmeal.  Walking over to a nearby table, I sat next to some others students who lived in the dorm.  A couple of the girls lived on the floor below me which was the ground floor.  Also sitting at the table were a group of guys who lived on the second floor.  One of the guys sitting next to me seemed nice enough.  “So what’s your take on the disturbance last night?  My buddies and I live in the quad above those little snots.  We sure couldn’t get any sleep.”

“I definitely didn’t get much sleep myself.  I’m sorry you had to suffer as well.  From what my resident aid told me and some other girls on my floor, those girls who live in the quad on my floor were written up and will be dealt with.”  I scooped up some oatmeal on my spoon and glided it into my mouth.

A girl who lived on the ground floor spoke next.  “If it’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s who people like them can’t follow the rules when it comes to playing their music loud.  My roommate here and I live in the quad below them.  I can assure you we also went to their dormitory and complained bitterly.  Their music was so loud, I had to bang on their door to get their attention.  I apologize for disturbing you all when I did bang on their door.  I just wanted to tell them to quiet it down.”

I coughed, because some oatmeal got caught at the back of my throat.  “You were never the problem.  The banging on the door never bothered me the rest of the girls on the first floor.  We were already awake from the noise of the party those girls in the quad were having.  When you and your roommates were exiting the door to head downstairs to ground floor, my roommate, myself and our resident aid had just approached the quad on our floor and yelled at those girls ourselves.”

Another girl at our table spoke.  “Clearly they’re here, because mommy and daddy pulled strings to get them into this university.  At least that’s the word going around about them.”

I got up from the table with my tray.  “It was lovely getting acquainted with all of you.  But I must be getting off to my class.  I’ve got anthropology this morning.”


“Have a good class,” the guy who sat next to replied, smiling while finishing up his toast.

Entering the hall where my anthropology class was being held, I sat up front, and removed my notes from my book bag.  During our previous class session we studied Hinduism, Christianity, and Judaism.  For our homework assignment, we had to write a paper doing a comparison between the three religions.  The class lasted for three and half hours.

Following class, I headed to the library to study a bit.

Upon my arrival back to the dormitory, I saw some crying girls exiting the dormitory with their parents.  I stopped at the desk to talk to the receptionist.  “What’s going on?  Why are those girls blubbering?”

She looked up to me with a crooked smile.  “Those are the girls who lived in the quad on the first floor.  They’re crying, because they got kicked out of school for underage drinking on campus.”

“Well, maybe they’ll grow up now.  Seeing as how they know they can’t get away with breaking the rules, maybe they’ll learn to have respect for them and for other folks in general.”  I sighed while walking over to the mailboxes, collecting the mail for me and my roommate.

I was jubilant as I entered the hall of my floor.  The two girls I spoke with in the bathroom earlier approached me.  “Kiki, did you hear the news?”

“Yeah.  It sure is a relief about those girls getting kicked out of the university.  Now none of us don’t have to worry about getting a descent night’s sleep.”  I laughed as I unlocked the door to my room.

“Not only that, but we’ll be getting some new tenants in the quad.  Instead of putting four freshman together in the quad, the university will be putting on freshman, two sophomores and one senior in there.”  The one girl smiled while patting me on the back.

“What a relief.  The university should have done so in the first place.  They should have known trouble would brew putting four freshman girls together in the quad.”  I sighed as I entered my room.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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