Winding Up The Springs Towards Destiny

What is time but a moving pendulum capturing the essence of destiny.  For it is the miracles beholding the mind and spirit, forever creating a conscience in the continuum of my plight.

Is there no measure for me to outlive the platitudes I forge?  Only the will can fester up to the doors of anything concrete.  For the longevity of the tides break forth when each drop of my tears fills the bucket I carry on my back.  They are my life’s burdens leading me towards the light.  For the cross is outstretched across the span of one’s own strength and endurance.  The load I carry is the basis for my mind to cross channels into wiser roads.

I’m lead into the light by the guise of foreboding shadows following me around at night when I walk into the valley of death.  Every conjugal visit to my former self is the rite of passage into the next cause.  If only a soul can converge into fossils bearing seeds filled with wisdom gracing the pages of my mind.

If there is no more cost to the soul, then how will I know when the hour is at its end?  What better way is there than when each song of sorrow is sung in the moonlight?  Can it be I’m not winding up the springs towards a new found life, but close examining the past holding me prisoner?

When illusion comes to call, only the meek can bow out of the human race with truth and whey.  I walk up to the magistrate and bow before him.  He kneels, touching my head.  “My child, there is no need to fret.  For the ways of the wind have spoken.  You are the wills of the wayward wind. For when it speaks to the soul, you’ll know where to venture off.”

I gaze into his deep blue eyes.  “But what if the way I chose isn’t the right path for me to take.  Then, I’ll have to start from the beginning.  But can I?  Is it possible for me to turn back once I have begun my journey?”

“No, my child.  Not exactly.  No one can go back to the road from which they came, because time must never turn back.  For if it did, there would be serious repercussions.  It is forbidden to mess with time and fate.  We must take the paths we are given in life through the use of free will.  Once your choice has been made to walk a path, the past can never be changed.  However, you can change the outcome of your future based upon the decisions you make at the present time.  Choose wisely, but don’t delay.  Never allow your life to be stagnate.  You must always be moving like the wayward wind.”

Welling up the waters which burn my flesh, I take hold of his hand and kiss it.  “Your Grace, thank you for these pods you have bestowed upon me.  For I shall use them with care.  If I stipend my thoughts of the heart, I can remove the remover from darkness, and gain sight to foresee my way when moving forth on my journey into the sunlight.”

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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