Time Trickles Through My Gates

Time trickles through my gates. I listen to the air conditioner filling my ears with soothing sounds of whispering. Yet, I cannot hear my own thoughts, because they are interrupted by the sounds of the air and the cars going by outside of my house.

Candy stores be open by the ongoing triangle that rings in my head? How much further do I have to walk before I see the Sun in front of me? Can the delight of the cold be the burning through my bones, aching and chilled?

How can I ease the afterthought arising from my soul when all that is holy is enraptured by captivity of the heart you behold? Where is there no other sign in life there is true spirit come forth in the night?

All I’ve ever known is the site of the fire burning in my heart. I cannot escape the repercussions brought forth in times of desperation. I know desperation, anxiousness, hastiness, and impulsiveness are no good. However, sometimes we have no choice other than the choices we have to make.

Where can it be found in the eyes of the young withstanding truth unfolding? I don’t know for sure if the remnants of the past behold these roads I walk with their fortitude, but I do know they are the gateways not only towards the present, but into the future.

I’m consumed by your waters when your hands caress my soul with tides of emotion. I often wish to dance in the spiritual realm were all lights of the heart become me. Or is there no other way to delight oneself on the path towards enlightenment? All the answers I seek fly in the wind. If only I could take the time to stop listening to my mind, and analyze with my heart instead.

Callers behold my wrath when the bond between the heart and mind and spirit and soul are broken, because there is no other known means for the capture of another arrival to survive in the night wind.

Gemini conspires against the heart, because the twins wish to frolic in the sand the Holy Father. Fire and ice burn through their flesh when the Eve of captivity rules.

I behold my hours when the night wind comes to take its toll up on me spirit, but I cannot withhold all withholding when my time has come to pass through the light and walk into the gates of heaven. For it is the sacred bond of the Father and his children I hold dear when he has been broken by the reins of fire.

At least I have the comfort of knowing I shall not walk alone in this desert. There is no other way to delight oneself in the ways the crystals sparkle under my feet and create warmth inside of my core.

I dress up your spirit in the world belonging to the sea, because you enchant me with your song contorting me to belong. There is no better way to confound the spirit than through the eyes of truth you bestow upon me, my dear. With every beat of my pulse, fire run through my veins. You see, it is you who talks of bold tales from beyond the grave.

For there is no better way to end the calling of the night fulfilling me when I’m enticed by your soul to dance around a bonfire with you grasping my hand tightly, my love.

There are many great wonders in the world, but only you are the wonder in the light of the galaxy. For beholding all life is the founding grain of sand starting the whole process. For the will of the Lord is upon you to guide your heart into the fire of truth. There is no other way to become who you should be. Who you truly are regarding your your name. I’m talking about your true name, your sacred name only your heart knows.

I kneel down in prayer, my Lord, to tell you I implore you to wither away all suffering taking hold of my heart, soul, spirit, and mind. Is there no other way to guide me on my path? Why must there be only struggle when there should be easy stride with every step I take towards my destiny.

(c) Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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