Y2: Day 60 (What’s Next?) What’s The Best Time To Begin My Writing?

What’s the best time of day for me to begin my writing?  I’d say it all depends on how much sleep I’ve gotten the night before.  As most of you know, in addition to being a writer, blogger and published author, I’m also a caregiver for my elderly grandmother.  It takes lots of energy being a caregiver, in addition to being active with one’s other activities.  I do make the conscious effort to write everyday, even then, my schedule is different from day to day.

All I can do is to continue following through with the commitment I made at the beginning of the year to write everyday.  However, I generally write during the noon times, although I sometimes write in the evenings or earlier in the mornings at times.

I’m proud to say I have completed my novel Blaine as I said I would.  I’d like to build up my collection of poems I began in October of 2014.  I have close to two hundred so far.   Although I’ve written a couple five hundred plus word poems in the past year and a half, I’d like to write more of them only making them each a thousand plus words.

My dream is to write an epic poem of a tale the very way Homer composed the Iliad.  I’d like to write something which would inspire people.  However, I’d have to dig deep into myself to bring out the emotion of every word I write.  I’d like to write it in a manner which would enable me to connect with my readers on the emotional level.  I believe every story or piece of literature rather it be in the form of poetry, fiction or nonfiction should not only engage the readers, but enable to be participants in the overall experience throughout the duration of time they are reader the given pieces of writing.

I hope to get folks talking about any future writings I compose.  However, I must first write from my heart, soul, spirit and mind combined.  I believe such things are what make pieces of literature great.  I know from reading Christine Royse Niles’s book start to write it is not only important to strive to be as good as the greats, but it’s important to be better than oneself.  With every piece of writing I compose I strive to make each one better than the previous ones I write.  In essence, I’m competing with myself.

As for my publishing ambitions, I’m going to set them aside for now.  My only objective at the moment is to make my writing better and to improve with my writing craft.  I don’t feel ready to publish any books at such time, because I feel even at forty-six years old, I have much to learn about the writing craft.  I have a few more years needed to perfect my craft although I got my BA in creative writing back in 1992.  I’m not ready to publish any more books.  My last book publication was a large volume of poetry of which was published in 2011.  Prior to then, my novella Japlin and Japlin was published in 2010, and my novel Dominica’s Inferno was published in 2006.

I believe such books were published before they were ready to be published.  So, I think it’s best to make sure my works are polished before I embark on any further book publication journey.  I will continue to publish individual short pieces of fiction, poetry, and nonfiction on my blog.  For right now, I believe I need to continue reading more fiction, nonfiction and poetry written by authors whose books have successfully reached the top portion of the bestsellers list and have become well known because of it.  In doing so, I can find their secret sauce for making themselves and their published works a success.

I believe it takes much skill and expertise to reach the top of the bestsellers list.  It’s my dream to someday reach the top of the bestsellers.  However, I’ve been struggling for so many years to make such a dream into a reality.

Aside from my writing endeavors, I intend to exercise more often.  Earlier this month, my aunt and I joined a gym of which would enable us to put in at least thirty to fifty minutes of exercise a day when the weather permits.  We started going a week and a half ago.  However, we haven’t been able to go everyday like we’ve wanted because the roads were bad last week.

Today, not only are the roads clear here in Kalamazoo, but the snow has disappeared.  We wont’ be able to go to the gym today, because we have some important errands to run.  Our first stop would involve picking up prescription meds from one of our local pharmacies.

I’d like to drop at least fifty more pounds this year, and proceed from there with my next weight loss goals.  My eating habits are already up to par.  I have my calories, proteins and water intake where they should be.  As a result of doing so these past two and a half years, I’ve been able to drop several inches.  My aunt and I have been working with a health coach whom we’ve known for a little over twenty years.  She is a close family friend who is also a retired nurse.  With her help, we’ve been able to get our health goals on track.

I’d like to go from writing a thousand plus words a day to bring the word count up to two thousand plus words daily, and eventually bring it up to three thousand plus words, and finally bring my overall word count up to five thousand plus words daily.  However, like with physical exercise, it must be achieved gradually.  I know I can achieve thousand plus words daily and even three thousand words daily, because I’ve done so a couple times before.  I’d like to do so more often.  However, I’ve yet to write five thousand plus words in a given day.  Then, again, back in 1994, I wrote five thousands words plus words daily when composing the first draft of my novel Dominica’s Inferno.  In six months time, I composed over a thousand plus pages of the novel, bringing the first draft to completion.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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