The Power For Overcoming Life’s Struggles

For the past several days, I had been struggling with not being able to come with anything worthwhile to write about.  So, I took a nap, ate breakfast, snacks, lunch, more snacks, and read from my favorite books in Kindle format on my Smart Phone.  One of the books I read was Start To Write by Christine Royse Niles.  It provided encouragement and insight about the writing craft and the process many writers must go through before creating the final draft of their book.  It also discussed ideas for overcoming writer’s block.

While reading this book, I felt like I wasn’t alone.  It made me realize such obstacles happen to many writers, not just to me.  In and of themselves, such obstacles are lessons in life for the writer’s moral compass of which he learns to grow with his writing craft.

For me, it’s often frustrating trying to come up with a topic to write about.  The assignments for the daily writing challenge are usually helpful.  However, it’s most difficult to find words to convey my message on the screen or on paper when they just don’t flow.  Throughout the day to day, I’ve been trying to do things to help me relax, in the hopes ideas would come to me and be able to flow freely from me onto the screen.Although I’m managing to compose content right now, I find I have to think quickly on my feet so as to keep up the momentum.

Right now, my aunt and grandmother are watching Superman II starring Christopher Reeves, on DVD.  So far there is quiet other than the sound of the movie coming from the next room, and the sounds of my uncle’s breathing while he sleeps in his recliner.

Although the roads are clear of snow, my aunt elected not to go out anywhere today, because we are expected to have rain today sometime here in Kalamazoo.  Well, after looking out my living room window, I can see the roads and the pavement are wet.  Therefore, it’s raining on and off.  On such occasions, my aunt prefers to stay in doors, because she worries about taking my elderly grandmother out in the rain.  As I’ve stated in many articles on many an occasion, my grandmother is prone to getting sick if she gets wet from the rain.

So far, my grandmother is quiet and consumed with the movie.  At least it holds her attention long enough where she’s not going to be talking in hers and my aunt’s bedroom, while I sit in the living room typing away at the computer.  Sometimes I’m able to work with distractions while other times I’m overtly stressed.  At such an occurrence, I know I need to do something to relax.  There are times when it’s difficult to relax in my household, because of the stress invoked on everyone in my household by my grandmother who either cries from her aches and pains, or complains about something, or it’s during a time she likes to talk.

Many nights sleep is impossible, because of her crying, and loudly.  It often carries over to the mid hours of morning.  I often get angry and irritated, because I’m tired and am in need of sleep.  When one has gone without sleep, it’s hard to have patience and composure.  Therefore, frustration occurs, because any irritating sounds are like metal scraping against metal.  It’s at such times my nerves are not tolerant to such things.

We all have our breaking points.  Sometimes I get so upset when having gone without sleep, I tremble.  My aunt and uncle have tried on many an occasion to talk to my grandmother about her crying and how we need to get sleep.  They also tell here they realize she is in pain, but there’s nothing we can do other than give her the recommended pain reliever advised us by her doctor.

I often try to relax by listening to music from my Smart Phone.  I often like to sing along with the songs.  For some songs, the lyrics are provided to make it easier for the listener to follow along for if he wants to sing.  I also refer to taking several deep breaths to release tension and frustration.

In so far as the days grow weary and the nights become wearier, the sun sets fast.  Days pass by quickly, because of the seconds, quickly becoming minutes which become hours, and then become days.  Moving right along, we are transported into weeks, months, and even years.  Time passes before we know it.  During such an occurrence folks become old before they know it.

It is the congruity of nature to supersede every laughing moonlight hovering above us at night while we drift off into the realms of dreams.  It is then I’m able to live out every worldly mark through facing my own fears and convictions.  Hopefully, I’ll learn to reprimand all frustrating occurrences through working out anguish via the dream state.  It’s not always easy to work out our sorrows and misery in the awakened state.  Therefore, we must rely upon our dream state to take care of our needs for maintaining sanity in an ever changing world.

For the world continues to bleed out in it’s own cavity, due to hunger, poverty, and war going on in the world.  Nobody can bring about change overnight.  Every step made to make a difference in even one life is still a drop in the bucket.  But, if everyone throughout the world contributed even a drop in the bucket towards humility, the world could move about more efficiently and peaceable when ending all the ailments in world society.

There is a danger of keeping all frustrations within one’s heart, because of the pressures surmounting from stress.  All must come to an end, but not at the cost of losing oneself to destruction of the mind, heart, soul and spirit.  For it is then sleep is needed to break the compulsion to be tugged away from one’s own merriment.  It is vital for sustenance of the mind to be able to enjoy all the faculties life has to offer.  I’m not talking about overindulgence of things which are harmful.  I’m only saying we must be able to laugh and experience joy to the fullest capacity if life is to continue existing at all.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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