Y2: Day 56 (Turning Point) What Can I Say About A Crossroads?

What can I say about a turning point or crossroads?  There are the many chances the unknown is scary and unforeseen; however, it could turn out to be the most exciting.

When festering through unknown waters of the heart, the milk weed growing within causes me to stop and think about the unknown world I’ve not been exposed to yet.

Perhaps it could fill my heart with a new passion or zest for life, or introduce me to new fallacies filled with regret.  I might encounter interesting people who give me so much to learn.  No, I’d say the contentment of life is to be the excitement bursting through the rays of the sun each day.  However, what is contentment without living?  One must live life in so he may come to understand himself, not just obtaining knowledge about the world near and around him nor about the outside world alone.

Man must put himself at the center of the universe and dive in for a splash.  Through getting himself wet from the outbursts of such a utopia, he endures a radiance within his spirit.  His aura shines through from fresh aromas of nature filling his senses.  The mind opens up to new ideas.  Such a thing is the festering call building within to denounce all rectitude to the past and move forward into the future with every step he makes in the present.

Thrive in the ounces of the divine, and let your palate be cleansed by the vapors which arise from the dowels of the earths crust.  Vengeance be put on hold, because of the never ending songs playing on in my head.  I shall learn to follow a new step in life which picks up my feet to kick up in a dance of the heart.

Memories fade out in the distance and are replaced by new stories of tomorrow.  For they are the experiences we create each passing moment of our lives.  Let life be an adventure.  For with each journey we embark upon there is a hallow decree to be burned into the hearts of man to fester up to hidden valleys which need to be touched by man’s footsteps.

What glorious meandering takes place when I’m captivated by all the beauty surrounding me in such a valley?  For it is the longing to settle the heart into place; however, it is not the end of days.  Only time can meet up with our calling to extricate bonds forthcoming.  When all the geese have learned how to play in the echoing waters, only then shall man’s feet be nourished by his fervent measure in the Lord’s esteem.

I await to be captivated by the lilies and daffodils in my longing for the sun to rise again.  For every frozen breath washes through my lungs in the winter time, but I’m not afraid for what awaits me on the other side of the road.  I’m living in the wake of today so I can have the leisure to walk up to the door of tomorrow and enter it.

Upon walking through it, I’m uplifted by the tides of the ocean where I’m carried high into the rays of the sun.  I fall through the light to be transcended into the light of heaven.  I’m merged with every fiber of the Lord’s being.  There is no more thirst.  There is no more hunger.  I’m no longer elongated by restraints.  All I have to look forward is laid out before me.  So, now, I must embark on a new journey where I walk through the world of the afterlife.

While in the afterlife, I meet up with a shepherd grazing his flock in the open fields.  He looks up and takes notice of me.  “Good glory to you, my dear.  How does your rainbow go?”

Raising my brow in confusion, I reply, “I’m sorry, sir.  I don’t understand.”

“I say, how does your rainbow go?”  He smiled while walking towards me with open arms.  He embraced me in a hug.  “My dear, don’t you know what your rainbow is?”

“No, I don’t.  I’m new to these parts.  I’m not familiar with such jargon.  Oh I mean no disrespect.  It just your manner of speaking is foreign to me; therefore, I don’t understand.”  I tilt me head to the left, raising both of my brows while squinting in the sunlight.

“My dear, you must figure out what your rainbow is.  This is a new lesson the Lord wants you to learn.  You see, my dear, when we leave the earth and come up to the afterlife, we don’t die.  We have new worlds and ideas to explore.  We have more questions we must find the answers to?  You see?”  He raised his hands up to the sky while grasping his walking stick.  “Here in the afterlife, we are many, yet our answers are few.  We must choose new paths to follow.  Whatever question you choose to ponder is the new path you must take in your new life.”

I gazed into his vibrant blue eyes, took a couple deep breaths, and exhaled.  “But sir, I have several questions.  First, how did I get here?  Why am I here?  Where’s this rainbow you speak of I’m to know?  And lastly, how do I get back home?”

“You have so many choices ponder and can only decide on one path to follow.  You can explore the road telling  how you got here.  Or you could explore road number two to find out why you are here?  Or you could look for your rainbow, or lastly, you could explore the road leading you back home.  The choice is yours, my dear.  However, you must remember one thing.  If you choose to go back home, what will you have learned?  Would it really be worth it?  Think about what you need, not about what you want, my dear.”

Scrunching up my face, I put my index finger to my chin and got lost in deep thought.  Before I know it, there were four roads laid out before me.  I could only choose one.  I choose my needs over my wants just as the shepherd advised.  I needed to find out what my rainbow was.  So I chose the road leading me to the answer to this question.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016

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