Y2: Day 48 (Have Fun) If I Were An Animal, What Kind Would I Be?

If I were an animal, what kind of animal would I be?  I’m not sure.  I love a variety of animals.  Like last year, I would have to say koala bear, because of their gentle nature and the warmth the give off.  They generate the feeling of love all over, in particular with their softness and their zest for life.  When they climb trees it’s almost as if they haven’t a care in the world.  If I could live my life without a care in the world my inner realm would be at peace.  I could wander through life’s tusk pointing up to the inner cavity of the moonlight and drive away all illusion.  For if only the brightest star which shines upon my head in the night should never thirst for its search for home.

The low land is never lonesome when the white winged dove appears over the ocean.  For I’m carried off to distant shores never to be faded out by the fires burning in the sun.  I’m delivered up to the cream and lifted out of my grave by the hands of God himself.  For it is the magnificence of the tryst your fever brings when the seagull sings its cries in homage to the Great One in the sky who gave it life in the first place.  For this animal is glorious in all its grace and beauty.  When either hovering the ocean or walking on the shores or the grassy areas of a pond, they are never at loss for friendship from man who feeds an offering of bread crumbs.

He is a visitor to his own world, rather the emptiness in his heart is filled by the seagulls and other birds and critters nearby the pond.  For they are truly blessings in his life.  Whenever their spirit calls out to him, he will always hear their cries and have his bags of bread crumbs ready at hand of which to feed them with so they shall never hunger for warmth from a friend.

For if I were any kind of bird, I could travel the world in a day, because I’d have wings to fly whenever I wanted and go wherever I wanted, without having to answer to anyone nor any laws.  However, the animals have their own codes for survival.  I remember on several occasions throughout the years when my aunt, grandmother, and I used to go to fast food places in our local area to purchase fries of which we shared with the pigeon and seagulls.

They’d often fight each other for a bit of a fry.  I often broke the fries into a number of pieces to stretch them out and make more than plenty to go around.  Even then, there are some birds who have to fight for even a morsel, because of the domineering birds who want everything for themselves.

I guess even with such a fuss, there are still advantages to being a bird.  They make friends wherever they go.  At least, human friends are some folks who can be counted on to feed them when they have food to give them.

Another animal I’d like to be if I could would be a humming bird which is admired for its beauty and sweet voice.  Such birds are revered.  Although they are often stuck in a cage, they are a great comfort for the humans who have them as pets.  Such little creatures never really bother anyone.  They receive plenty of love and are nurtured by their owners.  Their feathers are vibrant in color.  While sitting on their perch, all the melodies shared from their hearts are magnified within the heart of man who sits nearby reclining in his recliner while drifting off in the realm of dreams to the warm soothing sounds.

If there were another form of a life giving spirit, I’d say the good Lord often speaks through all walks of life.  When there is music coming from the birds, it is the Lord’s way of wishing all who hears them a good morning, noon, and night.  Many are sent off to their own reward never to know nor fully understand the capacity animals have to love.

If one has never owned a pet in his or her life, there really is as strong of a connection to animals as there are between those who grew up with pets.  I’d say humans have an affinity with animals.  As for myself, I’m a cat person, because I grew up with cats within my home.  Actually, our cats lived in a little house my father built for them which remained outside on our patio.

I remember in particular the variety of cats we had when I was growing up, how they often walked with elegance.  I admired them for that.  If I could be any kind of an animal, I would have to select the Angora cat with their long thick fur.  We had such a cat when I was in high school.  She like to eat steak, and didn’t much like cat food.  We named her Fagana which is the Greek word in reference to someone or something which likes to eat all of the time.

Fagana had a way of rubbing her head up against my shins.  She would often cling to my pant legs, waiting for me to pick her up and cuddle her in my arms.  Like the rest of our cats, she loved to be rocked asleep and tucked in at night in her little bed.  I often sang to her and the rest of our cats.

My family and I also had a parrot when I was in high school.  It was given to us by some relatives in Chicago for a Christmas gift.  My parents named him Mr. Alex.  I taught him to speak Spanish, in addition to the English and Greek he learned from me and the rest of my family.  He was a smart little bird.  I would love to be a parrot where I can sit on my perch in my cage, observing my owners go about their daily routine of either cooking, cleaning, or watching television.  Our parrot was often taken into our living room where we’d let him sit on top of his cage and watch television with us.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2016


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